How to fix: Ubuntu Dock Shown On Lock Screen Bug In Ubuntu 18.04 or 18.10 (Gnome Shell)

If you are a Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.04 user, you may encounter this issue, remove icons from the Ubuntu dock or close running applications, and even more, the dock - which is transparent by default - may become opaque, plus resize/jitter the mouse pointer as it passes over the dock. This is due to a bug that causes the Ubuntu dock/launcher to appear on the lock screen in some cases, leading to the problem.

In this image transferred from GitHub you see the effect of this bug and how the Ubuntu dock moved down the screen completely.


Here you will see a desktop image showing how Ubuntu dock turns into an opaque after logging in.


We now come to solve this problem, do not worry, this bug has been fixed in Ubuntu 19.04 by launching the update (Disco Dingo) for Ubuntu Dock. For those who have Ubuntu 18.04 and 18.10 they have to wait until the appropriate updates are released to fix the bugs, or if they do not want to wait, they can do the patch that fixes Ubuntu dock being displayed on the lock screen.

GitHub has provided this patch to fix the Ubuntu Dock extension appearing on top of the GDM3 lock screen, To install it use this command:
sudo patch /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ < 843.patch
You can check the commands through this direct link.

After you apply them and restart the system, the Ubuntu dock should not appear at the top of the logon screen.

As for those who ask how I can avoid this error, unfortunately I do not have a clear answer because I do not know what is causing the problem.

Another thing you should know is that this patch will be overwritten once you update the gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock package, but do not worry, the upcoming updates will probably also fix this bug.

In case of any problem I will list the undo way if you want to return to the default (unpatched) version of the Ubuntu dock. This you can do by using this command:
sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock

Linux Release Roundup: Ubuntu Touch OTA-6, Linux 4.18 in EOL, Plasma 5.14.4 is available


As part of the relentless drive to talk about Linux release roundup, there are many important news I've outlined here in one article.

December will see the arrival of the Ubuntu Touch OTA-6


After the great system stability achieved by Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 - launched by UBPorts developers on October 13 - developers are now working on the OTA-6 and are scheduled to launch on December 7. This gives an optimistic growth in the operating system and the development of its capabilities Later. If you own Ubuntu Phone and want to contribute to its experience you can do so by clicking here.

Many improvements will be received by the new Morph browser, and web applications will be able to access files stored on devices, and many other improvements (Welcome Wizard updated, Event dialog in the calendar, etc).

Linux 4.18 in EOL: upgrade to Linux 4.19


Linux 4.18 is specifically in EOL, said Greg Kroah-Hartman, The kernel maintainer. As you know, the 4.18 kernel was released in August and improved many aspects of Linux, where support was provided for the Radeon Vega GPUs.

In addition, Hartmanoggi announced that the latest version of the series will be the 4.18.20 kernel. Then you will need to upgrade to Linux 4.19.5 kernel from here (the latest version of Linux 4.19 kernel).

Plasma 5.14.4 released


The fourth point of the Plasma 5.14.4 series was released by the KDE Project, including several improvements to the Plasma Discover graphic package manager and Flatpak. Here for better compatibility than some wallpapers, contrast in Folder View has been improved as well as the update of the weather add-on.

In addition, a total of 45 components have been improved, including Plasma Desktop, Plasma Addons, Plasma Discover, Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm), KWin and kactivitymanagerd, plasma-integration-integration, Plasma Audio Control, Breeze, KScreen, Plasma Workspace. To see the rest you can go from here.

The latest version of the KDE Plasma 5.14.5 series will be released on January 8, 2019. Shortly thereafter, Plasma 5.15 will be launched.

Linux: new malware exploits your PC to undermine cryptocurrencies (Monero)


After the rise of Bitcoin in 2017 has increased in the past few months the world's interest in the field of cryptocurrencies. This has prompted cybercriminals to think about malicious software that can be used by users who are not likely to exploit their computer and undermine cryptocurrency. Although malware and viruses in GNU/Linux distributions are very few and not common, there is a malicious program recently discovered by Dr.Web named Linux.BtcMine.174.

Linux.BtcMine.174 is a powerful and complex virus consisting of a script with more than 1000 lines of code. When executed, this code causes the virus to replicate itself and download other parts of the code. And installation.


For root permissions, malware uses two exploits, CVE-2016-5195 (also known as Dirty COW) and CVE-2013-2094. As the virus starts immediately in mining once active force the closure of antivirus and shut down all processes that can hinder it. The mined cryptocurrency is Monero (XMR).

In addition, the backdoor for cybercriminals is open because of the ability of malicious software to download the Bill.Gates trojan and a rootkit file. Rootkit is able to perform very advanced tasks such as hiding files and activating some operations. Also the malware is transformed into an autorun in the /etc/rc.local, /etc/rc.d/…, /etc/cron.hourly. In addition, Linux.BtcMine.174 is mainly deployed by monitoring active connections on the affected computer and then repeating itself whenever possible.

So the sysadmins can check if the systems they are working on are damaged There are many SHA1 hashes loaded by Dr.Web on GitHub. For more details about Linux.BtcMine.174 please click here.

Nvidiux: Nvidia's GPU Overclock Tool for Linux (GUI)


To be able to overclocking Nvidia graphics cards on the GNU/Linux OS you need Nvidiux. The tool allows you to overclock (or downlocklock) your card, as well as additional functions and features such as monitoring your card parameters, fan control, etc.

As you know, Coolbits option is very necessary to enable overclocking of Nvidia GPUs on Linux, so Nvidiux automatically creates the xorg.conf file with the Coolbits option, and can perform loading overclocking, support saving, and automatic overclocking at start up or underclocking profiles and more. All this makes it easier for you and gives you a unique experience that will satisfy you. In addition, Nvidiux is easier to use compared to other tools that perform the same function in overclocking as Afterburner, MSI.

Here I will list some of the other Nvidiux functions:

  • gpuBoost V1 (requires Nvidia GT (X) 6xx)
  • It is possible to change the fan speed
  • Show various parameters of your board (driver version, OpenGL version, temperature, GPU usage, available memory, etc)
  • It is possible to modify GPU clock, shader and memory transfer rate frequency
  • It is able to enable (or disable) the Vsync
  • Overvolting (while undervolting is not supported, to date)
  • Saving pre-set profiles for overclocking and underclocking
  • Real-time monitoring of temperatures, fan urges, CPU load and memory usage

You need to use Nvidia proprietary drivers (version 337 or higher for overclocking, 346 or higher for overvolting). and Nvidiux works with 4XX or higher cards.

In the picture you see the GPU monitoring tool


To get the GPU monitoring tool as above you will need to install pyqtgraph (in Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc. date: sudo apt install python-pyqtgraph) and then go to Nvidiux settings and enable the Activate experimental monitor .

Before proceeding with this guide, I caution that overclock the video card may damage the card if you do not know what to do.

How to install Nvidiux:
There is a DEB file provided by the GitHub page that can be installed on many Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, and is compatible with:

  • Ubuntu 12.04+ and derivatives
  • Fedora 15+
  • Arch and Manjaro
  • Debian 7.0+

User guide Nvidiux


Normally you do not have xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ but if you find it you have to rename the xorg.conf file to any other name such as xorg.conf.exp1, before running Nvidiux

  • sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bck1

Although Nvidiux should automatically create xorg.conf file by automatically adding the Coolbits option, this does not always work. If the xorg.conf file is not available, the application will prompt you to create it and then restart the system.

Guide to how to Overclocking or underclocking profile at startup
At startup, if the over / underclock profile is not automatically set, then Nvidiux must be added to the applications that run when the system starts.

First, search the forums to find the values ​​compatible with your video card, then from the easy-to-use GUI you will create an overclocking profile and specify your preferences, then go to Profile -> Save.

From the application menu you will now add the application to startup by clicking on Add, and then name it (for example Nvidia Overclocking), now do the following command:
  • sh -c 'nvidiux --silent "/path/to/overclockingprofile.ndi"'

The next step will be to replace the /path/to/overclockingprofile.ndi with the path of the profile that you created in the previous step, For example: "/home/.../GeForce GTX 980-1450 Mhz.ndi"

If this method is not successful you can create a cron job and get the same result, To do this, give the following command:
  • crontab -e
Then enter the following:
  • @reboot sleep 60 && env DISPLAY=:0 /usr/bin/nvidiux --silent "/path/to/overclockingprofile.ndi"
DISPLAY=:0 it may not work on every system. Open the terminal and give echo $DISPLAY and place in the command above what is shown to you by the terminal instead of :0, in case it returns a different value. You must then replace it "/path/to/overclockingprofile.ndi" with the path of the profile you generated earlier.

How to send Instagram messages from PC


Most of us have an Instagram account, and as you know, you can enjoy the full app features on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. But have you ever thought how you can send messages in the Instagram application from your computer ?? We will tell you today how you can do it in several ways.

How to Send Instagram Messages from Windows PC 10
If you own a computer with Windows 10, you can exploit the dedicated application on Windows 10 to send Instagram messages.

To do this follow these guidelines:
First, if you do not already have an Instagram application, download it from the Microsoft Store.

After installation, run the application, now you have two options:
1. If you use Facebook, you can use your Facebook account to sign in to Instagram
2. Alternatively, you can fill in the fields with your username, email address or phone number and password, then click Sign in
Then you will find an airplane at the top right, click it to access Instagram Direct.

Now you can send messages by clicking on the conversation of the user you want to write to or search for that person in the search field and send messages to him. All through the screen dedicated to private conversation - which will open automatically - just type your message and press Enter.

How to Send Instagram Messages with Your Computer by Emulator
If you have a Mac or you do not want to use the Instagram application on your Windows 10 machine, do not worry, you'll be able to install the Android emulator to send Instagram messages. All you need here is a device with Google's mobile operating system.

Now you have to choose one of the Android emulator (BlueStacks 3, MEmu, NoxPlayer 6, Andy OS), then go to the Google Play Store and download the Instagram app just like you would on your smartphone.

How to send Instagram messages from a computer by controlling Android/iOS remotely
Remotely using some dedicated services You can send messages to Instagram from a computer by controlling your iOS or Android device. Later I will write a post on the method in detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 first leaks look massive


While the world is waiting for warmer Samsung Galaxy S10 unveiled in early 2019, rumors of the Galaxy Note 10 have surfaced. This week, it was waved that the next hero phone will offer many better features than previous versions, but without much difference In size from its predecessors, then how will it be ??

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to come with a screen size of 6.66-inch, meaning it will come in the same size as the previous size plus a slightly smaller edge, and there are rumors about the nickname that will carry the new device, DaVinci.

The image you see at the top of this post is originally a modified Galaxy Note 9. All parts except the screen have been minimized, and some items on the screen have been moved to compensate.

Always remember that when you see a picture as the Galaxy Note 10 like the one at the beginning of the post, it's very easy to modify previous-released Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S9 units to get a picture similar to the most anticipated device.

Instagram feature accidentally leaks passwords, affected users warned to update


Continuing the series of security problems that have recently surfaced in Facebook, here is Instagram stating that there is a security bug in the tool that allows users to download all their private data from the social network led to a small number of user passwords detected as plaintext.

An Instagram spokesman said that those who downloaded a copy of their own data had their passwords included on both Facebook servers and in the URL as plaintext.

He was quick to confirm that the bug had been fixed as soon as it was discovered and that the affected were very few users, and that those affected had been contacted and warned that they need to change their password and delete their browser history.

Using a public computer within an insecure network remains a clear threat. In conjunction with password updates, Instagram users must follow the instructions here to enable dual authentication, thereby ensuring that the social network is sufficient to reassure affected users.


GIMP 2.10.8 is here: release focused on software stability


In this drawing, GIMP developers summarized the many improvements and optimizations brought by GIMP 2.10.8


The new features of the new version include the dynamic resolution of the dimensions of the image projections blocks in proportion to the speed of your computer processor, which will improve the interaction on all devices old and new alike. In addition, new tools have been created to create logs in which developers are allowed to participate in the improvement and development of GIMP.

Moreover many of the bugs in the wavelet-decompose function have been solved. The function of RawTherapee detection - which is in RawTherapee 5.5 and above - has also been improved.

The Save dialog box also has a share of the change


Multi-color hard-edge gradient fills are also supported in the Gradient tool, so GIMP will be able to read colors in the CIE xyY space.

For Chapter GEGL and in an effort to increase efficiency, a new buffer iteration API was added, as well as a GEGL_TILE_COPY


For GIMP 2.10.8 you can download it here


Facebook Messenger: how much time do we have to delete messages sent by mistake?

Who of us did not send a message or picture someday by mistake ?? 
The embarrassing thing was enough for tech companies to begin actions that would help users fix the ominous error of our forefathers. Beginning with Telegram, which launched the secret and self-destructing chats feature, and then to WhatsApp and its procedures that allowed deleting messages after they were sent. However, the chat giant Facebook Messenger has largely ignored it until recently. Mark Zuckerberg finally decided to allow Facebook users from now on to delete messages sent by mistake

From now on you can update Facebook Messenger to get the new functionality, but: How does this feature work?

From sending the message you will have only ten minutes to notice your mistake and delete the message or file you sent


Some may say that ten minutes is a little time and is not enough to correct some mistakes, but have you ever asked yourself how long the other programs give you? Let's get to know them together

Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp vs Telegram 

The first application gave the problem enough attention and began to solve it was the Telegram application, this application actually gives you undefined time to delete your messages, you can undo any time you want. You can also start a secret conversation and set a self-destruct timer for the chat, so you will not leave behind any traces.

After that, WhatsApp arrived a little late, but it's important that he already activated that feature. WhatsApp started with only seven minutes and later the application developers extended the period to more than an hour which is a good time.

Here you may get the impression that Facebook Messenger is the worst of the three, but Facebook is going to keep updating and the 10-minute extension may be extended any longer. Just like WhatsApp.


Debian 9.6 "Stretch" is available

Four months after the Debian version 9.5, the Debian project announces the release of the stable version 6.0 Debian 9.6 "Stretch". In this version, 270 packages were updated with many updates and improvements. In addition to fixing some security problems, those problems that Laura Arjona Reina described in the official mailing list as serious problems.

For those who have already installed "Debian" and want to update the system they can simply give the following command from Terminal:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade
Knowing that this version is still unstable
If you want to install Debian from the beginning, new ISO with Xfce, Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, MATE and LXDE is available. You can download them from official mirrors.

Debian 10 "Buster" - a name taken from Andy's pet animator - will be released in mid-2019.


Samsung Galaxy F: folding smartphone coming soon within March

Last week there was a developer conference, in this conference name, release date plus price for the Samsung folding device object was announced
The name of the new device - which will be launched in March next year in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S - will be: Samsung Galaxy F


Galaxy F in 2019
A report issued by the Yonhap agency in South Korea confirmed that the new device will be an exclusive device and will be launched about one million devices, and the price may reach up to 1770 dollars or more, the agency said in its report that the Galaxy S10, which will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2019 will be supported by the G5. Galaxy F folding will not be provided with this technology.

Some have questioned the ability of consumers to own a device that exceeds the price of $ 1770, and confirms that Samsung's launch of a folding device will be a confirmation from the company that the device will not only perform simple tasks but much more.

How to Fix Spotify Bug by shutting it/closing/crashing alone

Since the last update of Spotify, which was released in mid-September, many users - especially Android users compared to iPhone users - have seen many annoying bugs, including the application closing songs on its own while it is running. Here I will list some possible solutions to this bug


Update Spotify
The Spotify company will usually release updates later. These updates fix errors for users while they update their applications, keep an eye on new updates, and install them

Reinstall Spotify
Sometimes users - even premium account users - experience multiple problems (bad Internet connection, Wi-Fi interconnection, sudden music closure without warning), in which case deleting the application on Android and reinstalling it may be a good idea to solve a number of problems at once .
However, you should note here that re-installing the application means that the songs will be deleted and you will have to re-download them again. Downloading songs to enjoy offline is only available to Spotify Premium users.

Remove your SD card
Many people may not know that if their phone supports SD cards, the SD card itself may be a source of many problems. The problem may be that the card is in the wrong place, damaged or damp, try removing the SD card Check its validity and then put it back to see if it will probably solve the problem.

Sometimes the song storage option is only shown if the SD card is accessible, which means that if the program can not access the SD card it will automatically close causing the problem, to resolve this problem you may have to give up SDcard or format it.

PUBG for Xbox One is free for a limited time and can reach the PS4

PUBG is available for Windows, iOS and Android. In this game, 100 contestants are dropped to an island for war among themselves so that the only survivor wins the game. They are free on these platforms.

Starting today (Wednesday, November 7), Xbox One owners will be able to download PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) through the Microsoft Store for free, but for a limited time only, not yet selected.


PUBG has been available in the Xbox Game Preview since last year and is priced at 129$ on the console, where it can play titles, but has not yet been finalized. Today, Microsoft announces that anyone who has purchased the PUBG game before September 4, 2018 will be able to have the full version (1.0) without additional costs in a way that is quite similar to the upgrade process of the game.

PS4 will contain PUBG soon
Some indicators indicate that PS4 will soon contain its own PUBG version. The screen that will appear during loading the game as well as the image that will appear in the game library will look like the two images below:

PUBG in the game library in PS4

PUBG during loading the game in PS4


Huawei Mate 20 Pro features green light leakage on curved screen

This month, China's Huawei Mate 20 Pro was launched. In addition to three 40-megapixel backpacks, it was equipped with a 7-nanometer processor and 8 GB of RAM. But despite all these attractive features, users face the problem that the screen displays an annoying flaw.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 comes with curved AMOLED display of 6.39 inches, the problem that users are experiencing is a very visible green color leak from the edges of this screen. Although China's Huawei has not yet commented on the problem, two countries - Finland and the United Kingdom - have promised to fix this flaw without requiring the user to do so.

Elina Takala, marketing director of Huawei in Finland, said:
We have been investigating for some time now that the problem exists and we will provide our customers with a new device for free if they have received the defective versions of Huawei

In the UK, officials have promised to give a new headset to those suffering from the problem.

Viber updates to and introduces the ability to edit messages sent on Android

Latest version application for instant messaging, calls and video calls. (Viber) is now available on the Play Store

What's New in Viber version ??
The latest release includes many improvements in performance. on all there is a new and improved mode to share the Viber snapshots, in addition to solving some technical errors and bugs as well as many innovations. The most important of these innovations is that Viber for Android offers users in version the ability to edit sent messages

This capability is now available among the largest IM clients on Telgram and is very popular among users because it is very useful in some cases, especially when a person can edit the message after sending it

To download or update Viber, go to the Play Store, as the latest version is already available.


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