GIMP 2.10.8 is here: release focused on software stability


In this drawing, GIMP developers summarized the many improvements and optimizations brought by GIMP 2.10.8


The new features of the new version include the dynamic resolution of the dimensions of the image projections blocks in proportion to the speed of your computer processor, which will improve the interaction on all devices old and new alike. In addition, new tools have been created to create logs in which developers are allowed to participate in the improvement and development of GIMP.

Moreover many of the bugs in the wavelet-decompose function have been solved. The function of RawTherapee detection - which is in RawTherapee 5.5 and above - has also been improved.

The Save dialog box also has a share of the change


Multi-color hard-edge gradient fills are also supported in the Gradient tool, so GIMP will be able to read colors in the CIE xyY space.

For Chapter GEGL and in an effort to increase efficiency, a new buffer iteration API was added, as well as a GEGL_TILE_COPY


For GIMP 2.10.8 you can download it here


Facebook Messenger: how much time do we have to delete messages sent by mistake?

Who of us did not send a message or picture someday by mistake ?? 
The embarrassing thing was enough for tech companies to begin actions that would help users fix the ominous error of our forefathers. Beginning with Telegram, which launched the secret and self-destructing chats feature, and then to WhatsApp and its procedures that allowed deleting messages after they were sent. However, the chat giant Facebook Messenger has largely ignored it until recently. Mark Zuckerberg finally decided to allow Facebook users from now on to delete messages sent by mistake

From now on you can update Facebook Messenger to get the new functionality, but: How does this feature work?

From sending the message you will have only ten minutes to notice your mistake and delete the message or file you sent


Some may say that ten minutes is a little time and is not enough to correct some mistakes, but have you ever asked yourself how long the other programs give you? Let's get to know them together

Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp vs Telegram 

The first application gave the problem enough attention and began to solve it was the Telegram application, this application actually gives you undefined time to delete your messages, you can undo any time you want. You can also start a secret conversation and set a self-destruct timer for the chat, so you will not leave behind any traces.

After that, WhatsApp arrived a little late, but it's important that he already activated that feature. WhatsApp started with only seven minutes and later the application developers extended the period to more than an hour which is a good time.

Here you may get the impression that Facebook Messenger is the worst of the three, but Facebook is going to keep updating and the 10-minute extension may be extended any longer. Just like WhatsApp.


Debian 9.6 "Stretch" is available

Four months after the Debian version 9.5, the Debian project announces the release of the stable version 6.0 Debian 9.6 "Stretch". In this version, 270 packages were updated with many updates and improvements. In addition to fixing some security problems, those problems that Laura Arjona Reina described in the official mailing list as serious problems.

For those who have already installed "Debian" and want to update the system they can simply give the following command from Terminal:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get full-upgrade
Knowing that this version is still unstable
If you want to install Debian from the beginning, new ISO with Xfce, Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, MATE and LXDE is available. You can download them from official mirrors.

Debian 10 "Buster" - a name taken from Andy's pet animator - will be released in mid-2019.


Samsung Galaxy F: folding smartphone coming soon within March

Last week there was a developer conference, in this conference name, release date plus price for the Samsung folding device object was announced
The name of the new device - which will be launched in March next year in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S - will be: Samsung Galaxy F


Galaxy F in 2019
A report issued by the Yonhap agency in South Korea confirmed that the new device will be an exclusive device and will be launched about one million devices, and the price may reach up to 1770 dollars or more, the agency said in its report that the Galaxy S10, which will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2019 will be supported by the G5. Galaxy F folding will not be provided with this technology.

Some have questioned the ability of consumers to own a device that exceeds the price of $ 1770, and confirms that Samsung's launch of a folding device will be a confirmation from the company that the device will not only perform simple tasks but much more.

How to Fix Spotify Bug by shutting it/closing/crashing alone

Since the last update of Spotify, which was released in mid-September, many users - especially Android users compared to iPhone users - have seen many annoying bugs, including the application closing songs on its own while it is running. Here I will list some possible solutions to this bug


Update Spotify
The Spotify company will usually release updates later. These updates fix errors for users while they update their applications, keep an eye on new updates, and install them

Reinstall Spotify
Sometimes users - even premium account users - experience multiple problems (bad Internet connection, Wi-Fi interconnection, sudden music closure without warning), in which case deleting the application on Android and reinstalling it may be a good idea to solve a number of problems at once .
However, you should note here that re-installing the application means that the songs will be deleted and you will have to re-download them again. Downloading songs to enjoy offline is only available to Spotify Premium users.

Remove your SD card
Many people may not know that if their phone supports SD cards, the SD card itself may be a source of many problems. The problem may be that the card is in the wrong place, damaged or damp, try removing the SD card Check its validity and then put it back to see if it will probably solve the problem.

Sometimes the song storage option is only shown if the SD card is accessible, which means that if the program can not access the SD card it will automatically close causing the problem, to resolve this problem you may have to give up SDcard or format it.

PUBG for Xbox One is free for a limited time and can reach the PS4

PUBG is available for Windows, iOS and Android. In this game, 100 contestants are dropped to an island for war among themselves so that the only survivor wins the game. They are free on these platforms.

Starting today (Wednesday, November 7), Xbox One owners will be able to download PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) through the Microsoft Store for free, but for a limited time only, not yet selected.


PUBG has been available in the Xbox Game Preview since last year and is priced at 129$ on the console, where it can play titles, but has not yet been finalized. Today, Microsoft announces that anyone who has purchased the PUBG game before September 4, 2018 will be able to have the full version (1.0) without additional costs in a way that is quite similar to the upgrade process of the game.

PS4 will contain PUBG soon
Some indicators indicate that PS4 will soon contain its own PUBG version. The screen that will appear during loading the game as well as the image that will appear in the game library will look like the two images below:

PUBG in the game library in PS4

PUBG during loading the game in PS4


Huawei Mate 20 Pro features green light leakage on curved screen

This month, China's Huawei Mate 20 Pro was launched. In addition to three 40-megapixel backpacks, it was equipped with a 7-nanometer processor and 8 GB of RAM. But despite all these attractive features, users face the problem that the screen displays an annoying flaw.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 comes with curved AMOLED display of 6.39 inches, the problem that users are experiencing is a very visible green color leak from the edges of this screen. Although China's Huawei has not yet commented on the problem, two countries - Finland and the United Kingdom - have promised to fix this flaw without requiring the user to do so.

Elina Takala, marketing director of Huawei in Finland, said:
We have been investigating for some time now that the problem exists and we will provide our customers with a new device for free if they have received the defective versions of Huawei

In the UK, officials have promised to give a new headset to those suffering from the problem.

Viber updates to and introduces the ability to edit messages sent on Android

Latest version application for instant messaging, calls and video calls. (Viber) is now available on the Play Store

What's New in Viber version ??
The latest release includes many improvements in performance. on all there is a new and improved mode to share the Viber snapshots, in addition to solving some technical errors and bugs as well as many innovations. The most important of these innovations is that Viber for Android offers users in version the ability to edit sent messages

This capability is now available among the largest IM clients on Telgram and is very popular among users because it is very useful in some cases, especially when a person can edit the message after sending it

To download or update Viber, go to the Play Store, as the latest version is already available.


[GUIDE] How to install Mozilla Thunderbird 60 via PPA

What is Mozilla Thunderbird ?
Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source client available in Linux, Windows and MacOS, and can manage multiple email accounts. In addition to getting news, RSS and chat.

Although the latest version is Thunderbird 60.1.2, and it is about two months since the release of Thunderbird 60, Linux Mint 19, Ubuntu 18.04 and the beta of Ubuntu 18.10 still only offers version 52. only Flathub offers the version 52.9.1.

Today we will explain to you how to upgrade to Thunderbird 60 on Ubuntu and derivatives.
Mozilla Thunderbird 60

How to upgrade to Thunderbird 60?
This is done easily by using the stable builds PPA, after which you will receive future Thunderbird updates. PAA is available for many distributions such as Linux Mint 19.x, 18.x and 17.x. In addition to Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 and 14.04.

Provide the following commands after opening the terminal:
  • sudo add-apt-repositoryppa:mozillateam/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt install thunderbird

If you upgrade to Thunderbird 60 and then have problems or do not like this version, you can return to Thunderbird 52.
To do this, first install ppa-purge with the following command:
  • sudo apt install ppa-purge

Now you can undo the older version with the following command:

  • sudo ppa-purge ppa:mozillateam/ppa


GNOME 3.32: Remove the Application Menus starting from the next release

Starting with GNOME 3.32, the application menus will be removed.
GNOME 3.32 "Taipei" has been officially launched, and very soon the first milestone should come, after GNOME 3.30 "Almeria" is released.

GNOME 3.32 "Taipei"
Until the expected date of release in March 2019, talk of the news remains very early, but there is news leaked about the removal of the app menus from all the apps.

You may ask, what is the application menu !!!

The application menus are the top panel with which the user interacts, where they can close an application or change settings. It exists since GNOME 3.0 and GNOME 3.30 will be the last version that contains the application menus.

What will change when I remove the application menus ??
What will happen is that you will no longer be able to close applications or change settings through the top panel. You will be able to control applications through the Applications window only, as shown in the image below:



Samsung Galaxy A9 will have 4 rear cameras

Samsung Galaxy A9 is the new member of the Galaxy family that will have 4 rear cameras. Samsung was announced on 11 October, 2018 in an event called "4X fun"

Samsung Galaxy A9 with four lenses
It seems normal in Android that the smartphone has more than two rear lenses, which, like the Samsung Galaxy A9, may have four lenses.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Evan Blass Posted on Twitter a leak For the specifications of the new device showing the characteristics of each lens individually:

  • The first camera is the main camera 24 MP with f 1.7
  • The second camera is a camera 5 MP with f 2.2 and live focus
  • The third camera is telephoto lens 10 MP with f 2.4 und 2x optical zoom
  • The fourth camera is Ultra Wide camera 8 MP with an angle of 120° with f 2.4

In addition to other specifications in the Samsung Galaxy A9 unveiled by the leak such as 6.38 "diagonal display and Snapdragon 660, the Samsung Galaxy A9 will come with a 3720 mAh battery ideal for the Galaxy A series.

KDE: Plasma 5.14 available

If you want to know the new features in Plasma 5.14 you are in the right place
Know with us the bugs that have been fixed


Four months ago, KDE Plasma 5.13 was released, today Plasma 5.14 was released

KDE: Plasma 5.14
The updates included in Plasma 5.14 (which will also be available in Plasma 5.15) are:
  • Thanks to fwup you can update the PC firmware directly from Discover
  • You can access Snap's development channels
  • Many improvements have been added to UI and have been working to increase overall stability
  • Now you can see the dependencies that the application needs
  • Requesting applications based on the release date is now enabled
  • If the software update replaces the existing packages, the user will be alerted
  • You will be able to create a flatpak back-end automatically
  • Breeze has been improved

The Global Menu is now supporting GTK + apps. In addition, the user can export encrypted files via Plasma Vault, and moving from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor becomes easier and easier.

Speaking of the Wayland interface, many errors such as copy-paste operations between GTK + app and not GTK + have been corrected. In addition, in order to support more applications on Wayland, two new interfaces are now available: XdgOutput and XdgShell, and the effect of manager Kwin and Pointer constants

In addition to all of the above:

  • For a better presentations there is a new screen configuration widget
  • SSH VPN in the network widget was supported
  • LibreOffice is becoming more compatible in the Task Manager
  • If other users sign in and you sign out, Plasma will alert you
  • You can view the new "Tools" menu in the System Monitor

On January 1, 2019, KDE Plasma 5.14 will move to EOL as well as access 5 maintenance updates. KDE Plasma 5.14.1 is expected to arrive on October 16, about a week from now, while KDE Plasma 5.14.2 comes a week later, October 21.
More information is available in the official release of Plasma 5.14 here.

The Mandriva fork Mageia 6.1 available

Many use popular distributions: Ubuntu, Arch, Mint , Fedora, as well as some other distributions. Since the number of distributions used is very large, Mageia is well worth taking a chance


Mageia is, in fact, a special distribution for less experienced users, a fork of Mandriva
After months of development Mageia 6.1 came on Linux kernel 4.14.


Here the user can find many updated applications such as:
  • Firefox – 60.2
  • Kernel – 4.14.70
  • Chromium – 68
  • Xfce – 4.12.0
  • LibreOffice –
  • Plasma – 5.12.2
  • GNOME – 3.24.3
  • VLC – 3.0.2
Download: Mageia 6.1 ISO
Size: 3.7 GB
available in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung

All the solutions to be able to pass all the mobile numbers from the old iPhone to the new Samsung smartphone in the blink of an eye!


Have you decided to replace your old iPhone with one of the latest top of the range offered by Samsung (Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 + ) and now you want to know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung ? In this guide today we will talk about this topic, proposing a series of solutions to do this. Let's not waste any more time and see what to do right away.

Content index

  • How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung with Smart Switch
  • How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Gmail
  • How to move contacts from iPhone to Samsung manually
  • How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung: alternatives

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung with Smart Switch
The first solution we want to offer you to switch contacts from iPhone to Samsung is to use the Smart Switch application created specifically by the Korean manufacturer. This, in fact, allows (among many things) to move contacts . Before seeing how to do it, you need to make a backup on iCloud otherwise the procedure will not work.

Let's see how to use it together:

  • Open the Smart Switch app on the Samsung terminal (if you do not have it, you can download it from the Play Store ) and choose the option Without cables .
  • On the Transfer without cables screen, click on Receive.
  • Using the Select old device menu , select iPhone/iPad (import from iCloud) to transfer data .
  • Once this is done, wait for the Sign in to iCloud page to load and enter the Apple ID and password . Confirm access by pressing on Login .
  • The notice that appears on the iPhone plugged display of Allow and enter the verification code in two-factor authentication on smartphones Samsung .
  • Since we are interested in importing contacts , select the Phonebook entry and complete the operation by tapping Import .
  • Once the phone number transfer has been completed, the Imported Basic Content notification will appear on the screen .

Samsung Smart Switch is also available for PC , so you can perform the same operation from the computer by clicking on Restore from the initial program screen after connecting the Samsung phone via USB cable . To use this method, however, you need to create a backup of the old iPhone using iTunes .

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung via Gmail
One of the simplest, fastest and most effective ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung is to use the Gmail account setting it on both the iDevice and the Galaxy terminal .

Let's see how to proceed together:

  • Access the iPhone Settings by pressing the gear icon and go to Mail .
  • On the screen, first click on Account and then on Add account and tap on the Google logo .
  • Log in to your Gmail account by entering your credentials and click on Allow at the end of the procedure.
  • Once this is done, check that the Contacts switch is active to synchronize. Complete the configuration procedure by choosing Save at the top right.
  • At this point, you need to set the Gmail account as default to synchronize the contacts in the phonebook of the iPhone. To do this, go to Contacts in the Settings .
  • Choose Default Account and check next to Gmail. After making this change, the phonebook synchronization should start automatically.
  • Now let's move on to the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone . Normally, the login to the Google Account is done during the initial setup as soon as you take the device out of the box, so contacts should automatically appear in the Address Book app .
  • If you do not find anything, then access the Settings by pressing the gear icon you find on the main screen or in the drawer and choose Cloud and account .
  • From here, tap first on Account and then on Google and check on Sync contacts you find within Sync account . In this menu there are also other things that you can synchronize like e-mails on Gmail or calendar events .

How to move contacts from iPhone to Samsung manually
If you do not want to use the method seen a while ago, then you can transfer the phonebook from the iPhone to the new smartphone purchased manually.

Here's how:

  • The first operation to be implemented is to create the vCard (or VCF) file on the iPhone by relying on the My Contacts Backup application that you can download from the App Store .
  • After correctly installing the software on the iPhone, start it and press on Backup to start the creation of the VCF file containing all the phone numbers.
  • Once the operation has been completed successfully, click on Email to auto-send the newly created file to your email address.
  • Switch to the new Samsung smartphone and open the Gmail app or the selected client and then the e-mail received and proceed with the download of the attached vCard file .
  • Once the procedure is complete, open the Address Book app from the home screen or from the drawer and click on the 3 points on the top right.
  • From the menu that appears, choose Manage contacts and then click Import/Export contacts.
  • In the new screen that opens, choose Import in this case to import the vCard file on your phone.

The path is more or less similar on all the South Korean company's smartphones.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung: alternatives
In addition to those listed just now, there are other solutions that allow you to transfer all contacts from iPhone to a Samsung smartphone .

Let's see them below:

  • Copy My Data ( Android/iOS ), it is an application available for both Android and iOS which allows you to transfer all data from one phone to another using a simple Wi-Fi network, so without needing a computer. In this case, you can use it to import contacts from iPhone to Samsung .
  • Sync for icloud- contacts, is a software that simply connects to iCloud to import contacts in the phonebook (in this case) of the Samsung smartphone .
  • Sync Cloud Contacts on Android , is an alternative app to that seen a while ago because it works the same way.
  • InTouchApp ( Android/iOS), this application does not use iCloud but is able to synchronize phone numbers from iOS to Android by simply installing it on both operating systems.
  • Cable transfer , since the Samsung smartphone of the latest generation allow you to connect external devices using an adapter (included in the package on some models), you can connect your iPhone to Android phone via Lightning cable and use the option USB cable dell ' Smart Switch app or simply a file manager .

How to create PDF on Linux, Windows, IOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android: best programs

Do you need to create a PDF file from a document in your possession and do not know how to proceed? In our guide you will find various solutions to do it!

Are you wondering how to create PDF quickly and easily from any device in your possession? You have come right in the right guide! In the next lines, in fact, we will list all the programs, applications and online tools that allow you to create files of this format quickly and easily, starting from documents created with a writing program such as Microsoft Word or from some web pages visited with the browser . That said, let's not waste any more time and see immediately what they are!

Content index
  • How to create PDF on Windows PC
  • How to create PDF with Mac
  • How to create a PDF file on PC: alternatives
  • How to create PDF with Android
  • How to create PDF with iPhone/iPad
  • How to create PDF on smartphones and tablets: alternatives
  • How to create PDF online

How to create PDF on Windows PC
If you are a Windows user , then you can rely on a series of programs and applications to use on your beloved computer to create free PDF with a few simple clicks. Let's see what they are.

Microsoft Print to PDF
If you have a PC with Windows 10 you must know that you can use a virtual printer to save documents and other types of files quickly and easily without installing third-party programs .

Let's see how to use it:

  • Open the document you want to print through the default software (eg Firefox ) and locate the Print command that is usually found in File .
  • In the window that appears, in the Printer drop-down menu , choose Microsoft Print to PDF or Save as PDF .
  • Once the option has been set correctly, click on Print and choose the destination path where you want to save the file.

In case you have an older version of the Microsoft operating system or you always use Windows 10 but look for an alternative to that stock, we advise you to use DoPDF. This is a totally free software that can also be used for commercial purposes.

All you have to do after downloading and installing Windows on your computer is to open the file you want to export to Portable Document Format , look for the Print command (which is usually found in the File menu ) and choose DoPDF in the list of available printers. This powerful tool also allows you to manage the output file quality according to your needs.

PDFill FREE PDF Tools is a great tool dedicated to all those people who wonder how to create PDF with photos . In fact, it is possible to start from different images in JPG, PNG or BMP format to realize the final file. Once the download and installation of the software is complete, open it and choose the Convert images to PDF option. Drag the images you want to bring back into the file and click on Save as to complete the operation.

How to create PDF with Mac
If you have an Apple Mac or MacBook, then you can create custom-sized PDFs using custom- made software or two pre-installed tools from the bitten apple. Let's find out together!

MacOS virtual printer
Just as seen on Windows 10 , even the operating system of Apple has a virtual printer that allows you to turn any type of document into Portable Document Format .

Here's how to use it:

  • Open the document you want to convert to PDF and look for the Print command from the File menu .
  • Once you've done that, from the PDF pull-down menu , located at the bottom left, choose Save as PDF .
  • Confirm the procedure by pressing on Print .

Preview is one of the most interesting applications pre-loaded by Apple in its operating system. This utility can be exploited by all those users who wonder how to create PDF from JPG in a very simple way.

Let's see together the steps to follow:
  • Open the image you want to integrate into the file and then press on Vista .
  • From the Thumbnails option , drag the other images to the sidebar of the program.
  • Once the procedure is complete, click on any thumbnail and select all the images using the Cmd + A key combination .
  • Once you have done this, identify the Print function from the File menu and choose the Save as PDF option by pressing the PDF drop down menu located at the bottom left.

PDF Expert
PDF Expert is a powerful editor that allows you to create files of this type in a very simple and fast way from your Mac . You can do this by simply downloading the software from the official website and open it once the installation is complete. Next, from the File menu, choose New File or you can quickly create it using the Cmd + N key combination.

How to create a PDF file on PC: alternatives
If you are not satisfied with the programs for Windows and macOS seen recently, then you can rely on other software available on the net. Here they are listed below.

How to create PDF with Android
You do not have your Windows or Mac PC at hand but do you have your Android device available? Here are some applications to be able to create free PDF from the Google mobile operating system in a simple and fast.

Android virtual printer
As seen on Windows 10 and MacOS , Android also integrates a virtual printer that allows you to create PDF files with multiple pages intuitively and especially quickly without installing third-party apps .

Let's find out how to use it:

  • Open a printable document using an application (Chrome or Word) and locate the Sharing icon or from the main menu of the app by pressing on the 3 points or dashes that are usually located at the top right or top left.
  • After you have entered the Share menu , look for the Print command in the window that opens.
  • From the new screen that appears, press the printers drop-down menu and select Save as PDF or Save to PDF .
  • Once this is done, tap the PDF icon and select the folder in which you want to store the file.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor
Also available for Windows through the Microsoft Store and for iPhone and iPad through the App Store, Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a powerful all-in-one PDF reader and editor that also lets you quickly and easily create files of this type.

Among its most interesting features there is the ability to automatically synchronize changes to files with this format with Dropbox or Google Drive or add a signature or compile documents directly from your smartphone or Android tablet .

AndrOpen Office
AndrOpen Office is basically a port of OpenOffice for Android that allows you to have a complete suite of document creation and management on your device. Using the Writer component, in particular, you can export documents in PDF format in a simple and fast and completely free.

How to create PDF with iPhone/iPad
Also for iDevice there are several tools and applications that allow you to create PDF in a simple, fast and above all for free. Let's see what they are together.

IOS virtual printer
Given that Apple has implemented a similar tool also on macOS , could not certainly be missing on the mobile operating system that uses on iPhone , iPad and iPod .

Let's see how to use it:

  • Open the document you want to convert to a PDF file and press the Sharing icon (a square with an arrow pointing up).
  • After that, from the small box that appears, choose Print and then zoom in on the thumbnail of the document you want to print.
  • Then, press the Sharing icon again and choose with which app you want to save the document in PDF format . For example, you can use iCloud Drive , Dropbox or Google Drive .

Pages is another powerful application for iDevice developed by Apple that allows you to create PDF from iPhone and iPad simply by using the option Send a copy from the menu that opens after pressing on the 3 points and then tapping on PDF . In addition to this, we remind you that Pages allows you to create reports, digital books, resumes , posters and much more using the personal iDevice.

Notability is a powerful application but at the same time very simple that allows you to take notes and add notes to PDF files . The only thing to accept is its cost of 6.99 euros .

How to create PDF on smartphones and tablets: alternatives
If you are looking for more efficient solutions to create PDF files on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, then you can also consider the applications that we propose below.

How to create PDF online
If you do not want to install applications and/or programs on PC and smartphone/tablet, then you could rely on online tools accessible through a simple browser. Let's see what they are together.

  • SmallPDF
  • Google Drive
  • SodaPDF Online
  • Word Online

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