Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to permanently delete files on Dropbox

Dropbox now has many third-party applications that allow us to do all sorts of different things with this wonderful service. But there are still some additional things we can do without installing or prove anything created by others.

For example, Dropbox allows you to recover files you've deleted and I I taught them how to do some time ago, so it is very simple. Now I will teach you to do the thing in reverse: how to permanently delete files you no longer need to free up space.

Enter your Dropbox account, go to the Files area, and click on "Show deleted files".

Immediately, right there among all those files will have been eliminated in a light gray color that makes them look different. On one side will say "Deleted". To erase forever just select the ones that are marked as well and see the button "More" on the top and look for the option "Delete Permanently".

You will get a popup to confirm deletion. Accept and voila, the file is deleted. It is very simple to do and maybe did not know how.
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