Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behavior of launcher in Unity, configuration-Part II-

In the previous entry saw the settings of plugin Unity in Compiz on tab Behaviour

Now let's see in detail the options that you can set the tab Experimental

Backligth Mode

Set the backlight to have icons for the launcher, Allways On Backligth (Default) all icons are backlight (pictured at left) Toggles BackLigth only illuminates icons for running applications (pictured right) Allways BackLigth Off there is no lighting on the icons (pictured at center)

Launch Animation

Sets the animation launcher icons
None does not show animation when launching an application, UNTIL Running Press (default) the backlight turns off the application until it finishes loading, Blink la backlight blinks until the application finishes loading.

Urgent Animattion

Report sets out how an icon of something important, None does not display animation Press similar to the animation of release Move icon moves.

Panel Opacity

Set the opacity of the top panel

Launcher Icon Size

Sets the size of icons on the launcher, with minimum 32px and maximum 64px (default 48px)

Hide Animation

Sets the animation to hide/show panel Fade on bfb and Slide (***)-Vanishes based on the position of the cursor on the button BigFunny (such that the top left of the panel that has the Ubuntu logo) and then slips, Slide Only only pitcher slides Fade Only only vanishes ,Fade and Slide slips and fades.

Blur Dash

Sets the level of blur on the board No Blur and Static Blur are options.
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