Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Configuring Unity on Ubuntu 11.04, launcher behavior

We saw in a previous post how to install CCSM in Ubuntu 11.04 to access the settings for some aspects of Unity.

In this post we will see some options you can use to modify the behavior of the Unity

We said that pressing Alt+F2 and typing "about:config" went directly to the Unity configuration of Compiz and we would see a screen like this.

Let's start with the tab Behaviour, The first item we have is Reveal Mode.

Supposedly ,This section is for setting the edge where passing the mousse launcher panel is displayed, I must say that I've tried to put such right and I have not worked, I have worked only 3 on the left, second I think it makes sense since there is the launcher, it makes no sense I think, set the launcheris displayed when putting the cursor to the right of the screen, there are some points that will tell them in conflict with other plugins of compiz, so manage it carefully.

Hide Launcher

In this section we set concealment options Unity launcher discretion:
  • Never - The launcher never sets.
  • Autohide - The launcher is automatically hidden after a while.
  • Dodge Windows - The launcher will be hidden when a window overlaps with it. (Enabled by default)
  • Dodge Active Windows - The launcher will be hidden when a window active overlaps with it.
The following are the keyboard shortcuts available for the shooter.

Key to display the Launcher -Default Super- (Or the button with the logo of a popular proprietary operating system ) If we keep the Super key down a few more seconds, we will see the available shortcuts to launch different applications. (In the capture, the image on the left)

Key to focus on the
launcher -Default Alt+F1- And to navigate it with the keyboard (in the capture, the image on the right).

Key to execute a command -Default Alt+F2- The combination opens the search dash where you can enter a command to run for example. one that we saw here about:config to run the Unity plugin

Key to open the first panel menu -F10 default-

In a future post we see in detail the experimental tab options.
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