Thursday, February 17, 2011

Images of the possible interface of Firefox 5

A very short time after it launched the final version of Firefox 4, have leaked some screenshots of how it will be version 5, which seems not take long to see, as Mozilla recently announced their intention to release final versions each six months approx.

One of the more novel features of this new version is the arrival of applications originally planned for version 6, which is the integration project Mozilla Prism. Thus, we can deliver web sites from the desktop, through the usual shortcuts that will open a special window of the browser.

For example in the following image we can see how the application would Twitter with your button you can access the various parts of this popular web service.

Another change will focus on the search box, which will have a larger, reaching up 240 pixels wide and will have some change on an aesthetic level. The icons of search engines give way to the name in text and Background color distinctive, as we see in the picture below

As you can see Yahoo! is highlighted in purple and Bing yellow.

Will also be changes in the update section browser that affect both browser as updates to the extensions. Their idea is to significantly reduce the steps and there will be a window as shown in the picture below.

Firefox Sync, Will increase its presence, especially in the home page and dialogs to remember passwords or add Bookmarks. At the moment these are just sketches, but it gives us an idea of what's to come in coming months.
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