OpenShot 1.3.0 Available

After five months of development and is ready the new version of OpenShot, one of the promises as to the non-linear video editing in Linux refers. And as I overtook a few weeks ago, the thing promised.

The news of OpenShot 1.3.0 has been bringing its upstream along several articles on the project blog, From which we can elucidate the three pillars that underpin this new version: stability, accessibility -or usability- And new features. It seems obvious, but there are very special mention in these three fields.

For example, stability has been strengthened particularly in regard to all MLT, the multimedia framework that works on OpenShot, A key, also includes a new feature autosave ,So that a failure does not spoil us the latest developments.

In terms of accessibility, OpenShot 1.3.0 saw a new more polished visual theme that makes use of icons that have set as default, earning system integration. The export dialog has been simplified and is working to follow strictly the guidelines of user interface that makes the GNOME project, Looking for uniformity in all applications.

Completing the triangle are the new features offered OpenShot 1.3.0:

  • Ability to add multiple video clips to the timeline in one step
  • New 3D animations (snow, glare of the object, particle effects, animated globes)
  • File filtering, transitions and effects
  • Improved video rotation
  • Automatic detection of a sequence of images
  • Smoother scaling (pan, zoom and rotate)
  • Sharing videos on YouTube or Vimeo
You have all the details in the official announcement of Release ,And several demonstration videos almost an explanatory article on each new feature.

To do with OpenShot 1.3.0 only have to go through the download page ,Where you will find available a Live DVD, PPA repository -useful Karmic Koala onwards- and precompiled packages for Ubuntu and Fedora (And source code, of course)

Well, better than PiTiVi or not?

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