Friday, November 19, 2010

Ext2Read, reading Linux partitions in Windows

Since I bought my new computerI decided to give space to Windows 7, which had been installed by default on my computer, and try to speak of free software on other platforms. Something I have not had time to do, but once I can quit at will.

The first major problem that you are wanting to use Windows and Linux, is that ... The partitions are gone! Disappeared, that simple.

Before there was a pretty good program that integrates seamlessly partition and left it as just another record, which managed the problem. But now appeared ext4, and there was no such application.

Trying to fix this problem, there is this application called ext2read, Which opens a file browser and allows you to copy files. No installation required. Only low from this page the archive, and run the program that comes inside:

Not perfect, but does its job, which is to allow the copying of files between systems. Is in its infancy, but I hope that further progress in order to facilitate the integration between both systems.
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