Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enable/Disable JavaScript with a single button in Firefox

Sometimes we need to disable JavaScript in your browser to test something or to copy some text when it is "protected." The problem is that activation or deactivation of JavaScript is a little cumbersome if you do it from Firefox options, so here I leave ua good alternative.

QuickJava is an extension that allows you to enable or disable JavaScript by simply clicking a button that appears in status bar or toolbar. But not only gives us a switcher JavaScript, we can also:
  • Enable/Disable JavaScript
  • Enable/Disable Java
  • Enable/Disable Flash
  • Enable/Disable SilverLight
  • Enable/disable images
  • Enable/disable style sheet
I think an excellent choice for those who have neceaidad to enable or disable these supplements continuously, and it saves us much time.

Link: QuickJava
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