GNOME 2.32 has been released

Yesterday afternoon, Gnome team, announced release of version 2.32.

It is assumed that it must have been since 3.0, but as you know was delayed until April 2011, so this new version will be last of series 2.

GNOME focuses on ease of use, stability, and internationalization and accessibility of first class.

Is Free Software and has all usual tools you expect to find on modern equipment such as email, groupware, web browsing, file management, multimedia, games.

Usability GNOME 2.32 continues to improve with hundreds of bug fixes and improvements implemented had been requested by users.

Some of most interesting features are user-oriented:
  • Empathy has added options to turn off logging and automatic pop-talks. Empathy Other updates include ability to set up accounts for IRC using wizard, allowing the server to accept certificates manually, use icons of current track status, connection error messages improved and ability to accept or reject incoming events using buttons on notification messages. You can also view technical information about your current call on details pane of dialog sound/voice, and reopen a closed tab using undo button in chat window.
  • Evince document viewer gets a better accessibility support through AtkText use interface that allows Orca, GNOME screen reader, read documents in Evince. Has also increased maximum extension to view a document. Updates from Nautilus, GNOME file manager. Nautilus has added a dialog to help manage conflicts when performing copy or move.

Nautilus file now shows clear-cut icons to paste the cut files in another directory.

To get new version will simply wait daily updates.

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