Gimp in one window with GimpBox

Gimp, the program of digital image manipulation, is one of direct applications in world of Free Software. It is a very powerful software that runs on lead thanks to large community of developers and contributors who are constantly around him. For version 2.7, announced that unify various windows that compose into one. That is one of the main reasons why not stop to achieve mass acceptance.

But through Bitelia and OMG! Ubuntu!, I find that there is available a script that is responsible for unifying Gimp windows into one. This script, written in Python is simple to install. Let's look at how.

Download script from console:

  • $ sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/gimpbox
We execute permissions:
  • $ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gimpbox
After this, we need to modify launcher Gimp, assigning 'gimpbox' and path to scritp: /usr/local/bin/gimpbox. Or launch application using key combination "Alt + F2" and typing 'gimpbox'.

If you have problems to run script, it is because you need following dependency: "python-wnck" and Gimp program. In my case, have not tried it.

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