Monday, November 14, 2011

GNOME is preparing a redesign of its base applications

The developers of the GNOME desktop environment are working hard not only in the correction of errors and the implementation of new features, but in the design of these.

Work on the design of GNOME-based applications is still very important, and have already seen the first fruits of that work Documents for applications and Contacts in GNOME 3.2

Well, now seek to do the same with applications Music, Photos, Chat, Transfers, Weather, Web, Mail, Calendar, Video, Clock, Maps and Notes. The designs are beginning to completion and finish is remarkable, and you have a lot of details of these interfaces in the official GNOME wiki.

The effort is fantastic, and the truth is that GNOME Shell -standard interface promises GNOME 3.x- growing section of the design, as seen in the catch. We look forward to those designs that apply to those applications end up base (eg Rythmbox music to the web of the Epiphany, etc)

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