Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delayed the release of Linux 3.0

Due to a error found late the launch of the anticipated new version of the Linux kernel, scheduled for today, is delayed until further order of the top brass Torvalds.

In fact, has himself been in charge of warning for this delay as much as through their Google+ Account ,Where he has posted the following message:
Why do we always subtle bugs just before release?

Not seem to launch the 3.0 today, just because Hugh has found a subtle error search path. We have a patch, we understand the problem, and it seems ObviouslyCorrect (tm), but I do not want to launch the 3.0 just a couple of hours after application.

Of course, the error is so hard to see that Hugh needs weeks to play even with their stress tests, so we just ignore it and make the solution later. But I really hate doing shots with known problems, even if it is almost certain that "no one will exploit it in practice."
It seems that Linus does care safety most of what he said a while ago, so take a few weeks to witness the debut of Linux 3.0.

Meanwhile you can already do the jokes that are expected in this situation and that Yesterday's news left on a plate.
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