Sunday, June 26, 2011

KDE SC 4.7 RC1 preparing us for the final version

The developers of this desktop environment announced the availability of KDE SC 4.7 Release Candidate 1, A release candidate that appears after a month the onset of the latest beta.

In KDE SC 4.7 find among other things several improvements to the compositing window manager KWin ,Including OpenGL ES 2.0, But there are improvements in Dolphin.

Another notable feature: KDM already supports GRUB2 options, Which makes it much easier to reboot the system rather than directly to another session of the distro with which we were working but the other system reboot soup we had installed on our machine.

You can More information about KDE SC 4.7 RC1 in announcement and the information page about where you will also find the project source code and packages that are available to access this new version of KDE at any time.
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