Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google + ,Google social platform

After many rumors and speculation about what would be the "social network Google" ,Finally we see that the search engine company launched Google + is a social platform that is divided into different services that will talk soon and I'll show some Videos introductory.

It's about creating different "circles" of friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.. So that we can share some things with people in our work, other family members, deciding who will and who does not share anything.

Hangout is a group video chat where you can communicate with people in your circles, and accepts up to 10 people at a time.

It is a way to find recommended content thanks to the +1 button or shared through Google + ordered this like a feed that will allow us to discover content.

It is a message system to keep in touch with the people in our circle at any time of day. Here I leave the video, I quite liked the concept.

I do not know and really I do not feel right to say that this Google may compete with Facebook ,I think very soon but certainly look good service until now, have to wait and that we can use and see how well they work.

Track | Google +
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