Thursday, May 12, 2011

Enable "Save and Close Tabs" in Firefox 4

One detail caught my attention enormously few days ago to be using Firefox 4. When you try to close the web browser while having multiple tabs Open, I got the following warning message:

My reaction was immediate: "Where is the option to save tabs?" It could not be recovered when you restart Firefox! I do not know why the guys of Mozilla disable that important option.

But do not be alarmed! , is a simple way to fix this little detail. First, open a new tab and enter about:config, And click the button den where they accept the risks (in my case, the button says "Sign in“).

Inside, use the text box Filter to find browser.showQuitWarning ,And they have property on the screen, give double-click to change its value false to true.

The only thing left to do, is restart Firefox for the changes made are applied. And of course, verify that everything works: Open multiple tabs and try to close the web browser. The warning message should be something similar to the one seen below.

That's it! Continue to enjoy Firefox 4.
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