Friday, April 29, 2011

12 common mistakes committed by newbies in linux

With the advent of new Ubuntu 11.04 also get a lot of beginners to GNU/Linux world. Usually come from the world of windows tired of viruses, reboots, slow, etc etc.

All those new Linux users probably followed some tutorial to install ubuntu from the many that exist in the web. But then, being face to face with linux very typical mistakes like these ...

Assume that they are using windows. Believe it or not exist in this world who can not distinguish whether they are using a Windows, a Mac or Linux. Then assume that everything works the same way and it is not, each OS has its way of doing things.

They try to run the .Exe. Many times I have received criticism by saying that in one windows to double click a .Exe and installed a program and ubuntu does not work. They must understand that each operating system has made programs just for them.

Not finding programs. It has to do with the 2 above, people think you have to go to google and search for "chrome for ubuntu" when in fact they have to open synaptic or Ubuntu software center and there are all programs that are going to need in your life and many more.

Choosing the wrong distribution of Linux. This is simple but many do wrong, simple ignorance of course. If you are a beginner you should choose: ubuntu or linux mint or mandriva. You should never choose arch or slackware or gentoo.

LibreOffice send files to Windows users in the default format. LibreOffice and OpenOffice (if anyone still uses it) save files in a free format that is unintelligible by microsoft office. So before you save a document Be sure to save in the correct format .... If you are going to send a Windows user.

Dodge console. It is understandable that new users will be afraid of the console as it was reminded to use DOS. And the fact that today a user can live without ever touching the console. But learning to use a little can make a big difference in productivity.

Giving up too fast
. Many users do not stay an hour or linux. Sometimes trying to do things like log in to the msn and not make it and just go with the impression that Linux is useless. Try to inform the user and explain it patiently. For this there are also many blogs dedicated to linux.

Think that the windows directory are the same in linux. In linux there is no C, in linux home directory is called root and is symbolized by "/". In Linux the directory is /home/USERNAME

Skipping updates. In windows updates get headaches and feel like hitting the PC, besides we're not even sure it is installed. In Linux however updates are annoying, can be automatic or manual but never bother the user. And always bring good things with it, more security, improvements in some programs, etc. Do not skip updates on Linux!

Login as root. I must admit that I also made this mistake in the past and when I was a beginner. Not to be entering the password each time then logs in me as root. Which is very dangerous, but if it is connected to the Internet.

Missing windows. I've seen happen to everyone using linux at all. You are browsing or doing something and suddenly they lost a window. They think that have closed or linux windows close by themselves. No, what happened was that insurance was sent to another desktop. That must explain to the new desks that exist and how to use.

Ignoring safety. Actually I've never had a single virus or not to use antivirus in the several years I've been using linux. But that is no reason to compromise the security of your system. They should know the basic safety rules such as not logging in as root, install preferred programs from the repositories, etc. Linux it means they have a system 1000 times safer than it was windows but does not mean it is completely perfect.
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