Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Install Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

I thought about making a post about how install Ubuntu 11.04 ,But I'm not going to do after 2 reasons, the main one is that I have not had much time and the second is that there are no major changes regarding install ubuntu 10.10, So at least for me it makes little sense to do a post about it.

Anyway, can someone wants to follow a step by step tutorial and updated the Installing Ubuntu, So I recommend two post with some friends from home.
Anyway, the steps for a ubuntu installation are simple:
  1. download ISO image from the ubuntu website, burn to a cd and then boot the pc from the cd
  2. Choose the language.
  3. In the window ensure they meet requirements the first 2. Try to be connected to the Internet when installing ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal
  4. If you have Windows or another operating system will ask if you want to install ubuntu along with other system or install ubuntu using the whole disk and erasing everything else. Of course you will know what to do. This is really the only step that has some complexity.
  5. Choose geographic location and time zone.
  6. Choose keyboard layout.
  7. Choose username and password.
  8. Wait-out slides
Enjoy it, good upgrade/installation!
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