Monday, March 28, 2011

Solve your problems with Flash and Firefox on Ubuntu

The relationship between Flash and Linux (and other OS) is truly complex. In recent days discussing inclusion in Ubuntu by default. To this we must add the problems that most users find us everyday with Flash (search in Google Firefox+Flash+Error, you'll find about 40 million entries).

Since I installed Firefox 4.0, my problems with Flash, have increased as playing videos from YouTube, it became almost impossible. So I thought because we do not try to Gnash.

Before the change, do a Google search. I also looked in add-ons, and that is where, by chance came the first of the supplements, and the original subject of this article. The second, as interesting or more than the first, I found going to write this article.

The first of the supplements is Flash-Aid. What makes this supplement is based on the architecture of your system and your version of Ubuntu installed select the best for playing Flash plugin in your Firefox. Neither more nor less.

At the start it has been commissioned to uninstall the plugin that I had selected and installed the one he has given more efficient. And it works.

To install Flash-Aid, Clicking on the link below Flash-Aid that directs you to xpi, or visit the page from Firefox Plugin Flash-Aid.

Once installed, restart as usual (it is a pity that this does not work as Chromium) and go to Add-ons> Extensions:

Preferences by clicking on Flash-Aid:

First of all you have to do is click the Test button (this is the most recommended). This will run the test but no operation is performed. In this way you should check if the unit or all goes well.

Later (or earlier if you are an impatient like me) you click the Execute button, the extension creates and launches a script in a terminal to take the necessary action. Obviously you will be asked your password, to make a "sudo", because the process requires administrative privileges.

You got it, now enjoy ... If you stay still not happy with this solution, one that gives us the same author, is to replace the Flash playback. This extension is FlashVideoReplacer

This add-ons, you can replace the video playback using several methods. The original method, which gives its name to the extent, replaced the video without your account (we neither you learn). Basically what it does is replace the "flash object" with a normal video and plays it as a mp4 or flv file, depending on availability.

Currently, with version 2.0, FlashVideoReplacer offers other alternative methods, such as to allow the videos to open a new tab or new window or through an external video playback. The possibility of using these methods depends on the plugin and to support the player.

To complete the benefits, lets you download videos from the menu:

Some features of this supplement, extracted from the page of the author are:
  • As I indicated earlier, several replacement methods
  • Possibility that asks you which method you want to replace it before
  • Facility to download videos
  • Configuration download directory
  • Detection of YouTube videos and Vimeo.
  • Automatic detection of the best plugin compatible, like the best player.
  • Tool for checking compatibility.
  • Automatic redirection to WebM player in YouTube whenever possible.
  • Control the playback quality on YouTube
  • Ability to prioritize mp4 on flv when available.
To install this add you to click FlashVideoReplacer or visit page spread ,To download it from there and see their features.

Once installed, reboot, and as in the case of Flash-Aid, go to Add-ons> Extensions:

Clicking on preferences, and you will see the following window:

You see, here you have to set all the properties listed above:
  • The rate of substitution
  • The time for replacement. You can increase the time and choose the video itself which is the type of substitution to be performed:
  • The possibility of using WebM
  • The possibility that the videos will play automatically or expected
  • A combo with different types of substitution
  • Where to Download
  • Sites that enable this snap
  • The quality of the video and if prefer mp4 on flv
  • And finally alerts and information errors, through the notification system of Ubuntu.
With this we have two possibilities for improving interaction between Firefox and Flash. And dramatically improve your experience surfer.
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