Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gnome 3 ready to go the week of 4 April

On 22 March appeared on the mailing list, the announcement of a upgrade Gnome Shell ,The particular 2.91.92. The numbering and aimed to be in the pre-release version 3, news that in itself, regardless of developments, not contribute more.

The really important thing was a few lines down, first announced code freeze Gnome 3, Which would not be changed unless serious errors and then stated, without specifying the day, that Week of 4 April would be the release date of Gnome 3. The email is from Owen Taylor of RedHat.
At this point GNOME Shell freezing is code for the version of GNOME 3.0; only correct significant errors detected from today (26 March) and the release of Gnome 3 the week of 4 April
So at least 6 days and 13 at most, in response to this communication will be available to all users of this desktop environment Anticipated Version 3. The changes it brings are a great leap for the 2.x series and we will see the level of acceptance that you have.

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