Friday, February 11, 2011

iPhone 5, what can we expect from the next generation of the iPhone

The new generation iPhone, which all hope will call iPhone 5 ,Has many papers to be presented to the next WWDC 2011 (The developer conference that all states will be held between 5 and 9 June). Although Apple currently is engaged in keeping up production of its iPhone 4 GSM and the recently released iPhone 4 CDMA, Working in parallel so that the iPhone 5 is about in June. With this in mind, a good time to speculate on what we see on the iPhone 5.
  • Despite complaints to the location of the antenna, the design of the iPhone 4 has proven to be quite solid and has been well received. There remains the problem of launching a iPhone 4 white, but with a little retouching to the failure of the antenna does not happen again, everything indicates that the design be the same.
  • Retinal Display is one of the star components iPhone 4 and continue to enjoy the iPhone 5.
  • There will be new processor A5.
  • New module dual GSM/CDMA of Qualcomm.
  • New Hardware Near Field Communications (NFC), a technology for short-range communication and high frequency allows the exchange of data between devices less than 10 centimeters. Very useful to use the iPhone 5 payments almost like a credit card, and to get tag information RFID.
The new processor A5 will likely include two kernels ARM Cortex A9 operating at 1 GHz or more. It will also include control of the graphics chipset PowerVR SGX of Imagination Technologies, with 40% higher performance than the current graphics chipset of micro A4 of the iPhone 4.

What is not clear is the use of a SIM module integrated into the phone, because Mobile phone operators have not seen with good eyes.
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