Friday, February 25, 2011

Firefox 4 mobile beta 5 for Android and Maemo, available for testing

While we all hope Firefox 4 desktop ,There are also people who are expecting the final version of Firefox for mobile devices, To remember it works on Maemo/Meego (Nokia N900) and Android devices with the 2.1 or higher (Most of the current market.)

Today has released a new beta 5, that is focused on stability and speed. Thus, it has not changed anything from the interface, but it has improved start speed ,of zoom of pages (in some cases faster than the browser that comes default on Android), and the movement (Panning) on the page.

In addition, the application can move to native SD card in Android 2.2, but more interesting is that it also moves its own application data (profile), which almost any program does, being in a ridiculous 300KiB used in internal memory.

You can see the Release Notes on the page and you can find in Android market (From which you can easily install it on your device) or Mozilla specific page ,For N900 users.

Try it ,tell us your experiences and Web experience on your mobile device as you've never done.
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