Monday, January 10, 2011

[Firefox4] Interface in Windows and Overview

On Wednesday we mentioned in our article interface changes that will be in Firefox 4 ,But as we talked was generic to all systems (new interface, fixed tabs, news alerts pages), today we talk about all of the Windows interface, including a review of overview, which We previously.
Tabs on the title bar

In Firefox 4, and in Windows, the tabs are displayed in the window title, eliminating the space that existed in previous versions simply to display the title of the tab for which he was sailing.

Start button and right Bookmarks

(Not yet completed, subject to change). In this new version will be left in the left part of the address bar only back and forward button, and move to the far right of the taskbar start button next to your bookmarks.

Also, if you did not use the Bookmarks and have not added any to the bookmarks toolbar is automatically hidden, making more vertical space and adding the button you see in the image next to the home (the having a star).

Firefox menu
Although this menu is now also available in the version of Linux, is still not as stylized as in Windows, but you can use.

As you see, is a menu that shows the basic features of Firefox: new windows, printing, developers, options, accessories, help. This menu has been made to again remove vertical space by eliminating the menu bar to integrate everything on this button in the title bar.

O TabCandy, as it was called at first, is integrated into the browser extension that lets you manage tabs and windows in a very visual. Just click on the button on the title bar with four rectangles (you can see in the second image in this article) and you can manage your tabs as you like.

Draw a rectangle with your mouse on a free site to create a new group. Drag tabs and commands as you want to do then with your browser. Search Wikipedia and keep all tabs organized.

You see, these are the major changes to Windows, remember that is the most used operating system and most users of Firefox.
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