Do you want to GIMP 2.8? Touches lend a hand

That is: The release of GIMP 2.8 is delayed again ,Because neither is sufficiently developed, and no money to hire labor to fill the gap. A good time for the community to respond, right?

If anything I got clear of the recent survey, is one of the failures was the failure to include, among others, the GIMP 2.8 (you can still vote until Saturday, and then talk about everything). By failures or unfair comparisons in which it can influence, GIMP is a spectacular program and one of the more established pillars of free software, Which we use self-worth and redundancy-free. But do not come to speak of GIMP in general, or the difference between free and free (not necessary, right?).

I come to tell you that the development of next-awaited version of this picture editor needs help to reach fruition, or at least to do so as soon as possible, Then as published in GIMP Users ,There are new features to polish and mistakes to overcome, but are some who take care of it, and now only three major developers are active.

You can collaborate with the project donating money to hire labor, but what are really looking for developers with the necessary skills to deal with the GIMP code ,So if any of you fit this description, you drop by to offer their services and contribute to the free software from the best: helping one of its flagships when you need it most.

Let no one take this news in apocalyptic plan, GIMP is a project that is in very good health and will succeed yes or yes ,But things do not play alone and sometimes lend a hand.

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