Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[Firefox4] New Interface

We continue the special Firefox4, In this case we will discuss the new features for interface change and improvement of this.

The Mozilla team has dedicated much effort to improve the user experience in this new version. Let's review the major changes.

Tabs-on-top and animation

The tabs, Formerly placed below the address bar has changed, and now shown above ,Just below the title bar of the browser. In addition, when you open and close, there is a slight animation to make the most modern and smooth interface. You can disable this option on the property browser.tabs.animate and making it false.

Removing status bar, rod building supplements

The Status Bar, Which was once used to display the icons of the supplements, along with notifications about the status of the connection to the site and the direction in which we have the mouse (this has been moved to the address bar as we say below) was deleted and changed to bar accessories, which, as its name suggests, will only show icons and text matching accessories. Can be easily hidden by an "x" to close. All this to increase the vertical clearance for navigation.

button Go-stop-reload

The stop and refresh button page is moved from the navigation toolbar (next to the button back and forth) to the address bar ,To be integrated in this (though you can easily change by editing the interface back to its previous state).

Destination address in the Address bar

As discussed above, the web page address on which we have a mouse, its address ,Now is not shown in the status bar, if not in the address bar, Partially hiding the current and blurring the target.

This has always been to focus the light in one place to see where we are and where we go.

Notifications web pages

If you've browsed the web with Firefox for a while, you will have observed that sometimes the pages sent Notifications (Namely through the method alert () of JavaScript) usually were very annoying: navigation blocked (Were consistently above the window, unable to interact with the page) and automatically switches to the tab you sent him.

This has changed in Firefox4, as notifications will be tab-modal. What does it mean? Well, when you have an alert on a tab we do not block the entire browser ,If not just the current tab that has received the alert , also ,has changed the style, blurring the page from which it has been sent to bring the focus of our visit to the notification

Fixed tabs
Chrome-style, it comes to solve the horizontal space in navigation for users with lots of windows. It is mainly aimed at users who have the whole day open a particular page, such as a web application like GMail, and instead of taking a full-size tab, you can take only its icon ,Because it is easily recognizable. Simply open a tab, click the right mouse button and choose "Set tab". You can remove this property by the operation again.

These are the main changes that have Firefox to its new version, not all, and is likely to be iterated while the other betas, you can change some things, but for now, that's all. We hope that you like.
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