Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to check the MD5 of the CD of Ubuntu

In each of the tutorials I've done on the installation of ubuntu there is always some rookie that goes wrong ubuntu cd and then have problems because of that. Before recording a CD with the ISO of ubuntu is always preferable to do a verification of whether this cd is lowered it or not, that we did verify the MD5 sum of the cd.

Before doing the proof we know what the MD5 of the distro you're using, so they are going to this address: and look for the folder you're using distros. Within it there is always a file called MD5SUMS and in the same browser opens a page where we see the MD5 of the different alternatives of ubuntu (ubuntu desktop, ubuntu netbook, ubuntu alternate, etc).

And that number we have to compare the MD5 sum of cd, that we get a console by typing the following:
  • md5sum nombre_del_cd.iso
Compare two numbers, if they match the download was successful, otherwise .... touches down again

Like I always recommend installing ubuntu from a pen drive to save a cd.
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