Monday, June 28, 2010

Using GTK theme for applications in Wine

It is remarkable to see that Wine applications do not integrate in a right way and say that's a lot, for better aesthetics can manually modify parameters under [Control Panel \ \ Colors] in file .wine / user.reg But that would take us some time.

We can simplify this task through a script, which is responsible for taking colors of our apex GTK theme and our user file in Wine, in a much more rapid and effective.

Download script and give it execute permissions.

Students have Python installed and you should close any application under Wine and Wine is running.
  • sudo chmod +x
  • sudo ./
If you change subject and want to integrate further applications under Wine, just run script again.

Note: It seems that script does not work with some applications such as MS Office. If we can not look you want, change values under [Control Panel \ \ Colors] in file ~/.wine/user.reg
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