Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sabayon Linux 5.3 Released

Very refined, excellent performance, beautiful, pure, full of important changes and improvements comes Italian Sabayon 5.3, this new version will catch you with their fresh, new applications and features: XBMC, KDE 4.4, GNOME 2.28, Kernel 2/6/1934, and more.

  • Based on new GCC 4.4 and Glibc 2.10
  • Shipped with Desktop-optimized Linux kernel 2.6.34
  • Providing extra-optimized Server OpenVZ-enabled kernel and in repositories
  • Installable in 10 minutes
  • Fast boot time and lightweight system default
  • Ext4 filesystem as default
  • Official Btrfs filesystem support
  • Encrypted filesystem support
  • Featuring X. Org 7.5 and up-to-date Open Source, NVIDIA, AMD video drivers
  • Containing GNOME 2.28 (with GNOME Shell!) And KDE 4.4.3
  • Outstanding 3D Desktop applications (Compiz, KWin and Compiz Fusion) working out of the box
  • Bringing Entropy Framework (Package Manager)
  • Shipped with OpenOffice 3.2 Productivity Suite, Multimedia Applications
  • Sabayon Transform Into an full-featured Operating System HTPC (Media Center) using XBMC
  • Shipped with World of Goo Demo - best 2D game ever!
  • Skin Sexiest ever! (Light blueeee!)
  • Try it out from Windows, just kick the DVD in and use Sabayon via QEMU virtualization!
  • Ready for Sabayon 6 (someday!)
Hardware Requirement

  • I686-compatible processor (Intel Pentium II / III, Celeron, AMD Athlon)
  • 512Mb RAM (GNOME) - 768MB RAM (KDE)
  • 8 GB hard disk space
  • A 2D video card GPUs
  • DVD player
  • Dual Core processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or better, AMD Athlon 64 X2)
  • 1024Mb RAM
  • 15 GB hard disk space
  • A 3D video card GPU (Intel, AMD, NVIDIA) (esp. for XBMC)
Sabayon Linux is a distribution that NSF need not install anything else, because everything is.

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comparing Ubuntu&sabayon:

Sabayon provide full packages to users without a faster internet connection.that's good.but i think they've to add something more to the kernel for the consistency of OS.

ubuntu kernel is superb!! but why they're reluctant to give multimedia packages even in dvd images??also unlike sabayon,ubuntu's support to uncommon hardwares(mine is nVidia-amd athlon based PC)is LESS...

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