Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amarok 2.3.1 "The Bell" Released

The development team of perhaps best music player in Linux, we introduced new version, Amarok 2.3.1. All effort and dedication converge in this release that comes with significant enhancements and features such as new playlist based on criteria (Smart Playlist), we can create a long list of tracks or file size.

They have added 2 new applets, one called "upcoming events, concerts and events shows that artist of current track is done and another applet called" artists "uses database to show other artists who are listening.

Amarok 2.3.1 has many bug fixes, major and minor, and a set of enhancements that help get a better experience while enjoying our favorite music.

Some improvements
  • File Browser: fixed sorting files by date.
  • Fixed issue with file browser bookmarks not working When the file browser Was Showing "places".
  • When right clicking Fixed crash in file browser while it is Showing "Places".
  • Fixed strange Behaviour in the music selection pane sources
  • Fixed lengths filtering factor When Used in collection browser.
  • Fixed wrong value filtering comments When Used in collection browser.
  • Do not truncate the "Label:" label in the TagDialog.
  • Display Properly extended characters in names of streams.
  • Cover fetcher: Prevent automatic setting fetcher from album's cover if it is done manually During the download.
  • File browser: show folders first, files Afterwards. Patch by.
  • Queued track's contextual menu entry dequeueing Was Written about Misleading and wrong.
  • Custom color setting in the On Screen Display Applied Was Only After restart. Patch by Frank Steinmetzger.
  • Track Rating CORRECTLY Was Not Always displayed in the On Screen Display. Patch by Frank Steinmetzger.
  • Improved layout for applet setting dialogs. Patch by Felix Geyer.
  • Made in applets icons CORRECTLY react in double-click environments. Thanks to Felix Geyer.
  • Several bug fixes for the bundled LyricWiki script. Patch by Oleg G.
  • Better fix for pausing SHOUTcast streams, Without Advancing to the next track after-resume. 

Download from Here
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