Friday, March 19, 2010

OpenShot 1.1 Version Released

Two months after the launch of the first version of the program OpenShot for video editing on a platform Linux, announced the launch of the program developer version OpenShot 1.1 , Which came to many reforms and significant improvements in terms of speed in particular.
And can sum up the most important features of this version in the following things:
- Speed, the faster OpenShot 1300% change on the review of the video after its liberation and 1000% when you boot the program itself.
- Add undo feature plate with the date to the program.
- Improving the export panel to display encodings are installed on your system only, because most of the crashes the program came from the notations chosen was not installed on your system.
- Adding many influences and facilitate added to the sections, and facilitate the liberalization of the sections.
- Improving the process of internationalization of the program.
It is worth mentioning that the program OpenShot will become available by default in the stores the next version of Ubuntu 10.4.
To download this version of the Here.
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