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Transparent solar-powered battery the Iron Man’s transparent smartphones may become reality sooner

You may unbelieving this but it might become reality sooner , unusual type of battery that not only transparent, but it can also charge via solar power. This technology could be used in a lot of future products like a smart office and maybe home windows, we can make the windows let the sun’s light pass through them and in the same time it can recharge and store energy.
This battery developed by team of researchers at Kogakuin University,  this battery contains the same chemical compounds that make any battery work, it is not entirely transparent, the light transmittance is about 60% when full charge state, and when the battery exposed to sunlight, the battery becomes slightly tinted, transmitting 30% less light –but it’s still transparent.
To allow light to pass through the battery the team of scientists shrink down the electrodes, all the way down to around 80-90 nano-meter.
The work on this battery take from the team about four years since a team of researchers at Stanford come up with the concept of a transparent battery .
From two years ago the researchers unveiled a nearly transparent prototype charged with separate solar panel, then they began on integrating solar charging power into the battery.
The technology now close to becoming in use, but it’s not clear how long it will take until it’ll be used in commercial products.

This image showing the battery.


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