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The developer Canonical have released the dates when the various release Alpha, Beta and Stable version of Ubuntu 15.10 Wily and derivatives.

And officially began the development of Ubuntu 15.10 Wily , new release intermediary that will be released next October with several new features and other updates. In recent months, the Ubuntu developers and derivative official integrate several new features and improvements from new Unity 8 and X server MIR (the soon should be also supported by AMD and Nvidia proprietary drivers). As with previous releases, you will be released before the Alpha and Beta 1 for derivatives officers, while Ubuntu will be available for the Beta 2 next 24 September, a preview of version Stable whose release is scheduled for Thursday, October 22 .

I remember that we can still follow the development of Ubuntu 15.10 Wily and derived officers thanks to ISO Daily Build that can download from this link

Ubuntu 15.10 Release Schedule Wily Werewolf:
  • Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 1 - 25 June
  • Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2 - 30 July
  • Ubuntu 15.10 Beta 1 - 27 August
  • Ubuntu 15.10 Beta 2 - 24 September
  • Ubuntu 15.10 Stable - 22 October 

For further information please consult the relevant page on the Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf Release Schedule by official wiki .


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