Acer presents the 'S5' s ultrabook slimmer ... only 15 mm: features and information! [CES 2012]

Only 15 mm: This is the thickness of the new ultrabook presented by 'Acer. The new S5 makes an immediate impression as an interesting model that, in addition to 'incredible thickness, can also boast a remarkable lightness and great speed.

Recovery time from standby of just 1.5 seconds and the port Thunderbolt allows transmission speeds up to 20Gbps. Also present an outlet HDMI and USB 3.0, with hidden a flap on the port Thundebolt MagicFlip I/O.

The operating system is Windows 7, PowerSmart Battery for energy saving, Dolby Home Theater v4 for sound, Intel Core not yet revealed, and aluminum magnesium lid for strength, can also be activated directly from a smartphone... Well a product really mind-boggling.

It should be marketed for Q1 2012 and of course the price is still top secret.

New tablet of Acer at CES 2012: quad core processor and display 1080p ... Iconia Tab A700! [Updated]

The new tablet of 'Acer still an unknown 's Iconia Tab A700: This super Android tablet with quad core and display with support FULL HD 1080p does not have a real name... It is therefore legitimate to assume that it is of ' Acer Iconia Tab A700.

Do not know yet much about this model: the display resolution of 10-inch should be about 1920×120 and the processor an NVIDIA Tegra 3 ,Of course ... price and date of 'output is still unknown.

Surely, this is a very interesting model, a symbol of power and innovation, we could say ... it seems the world of tablet is increasingly popular!


It is own Acer Iconia Tab A700 and The site tell us is when the Verge 'hand on the new product. The OS will be Android 4.0 with 1.3 GHz processor (And then confirmed the rumors in the 'article that I linked up) and will be marketed from the second quarter of 2012.

Lenovo announces K91, the first television with Android Ice Cream Sandwich [CES 2012]

Lenovo begins in an interesting way his presentation at CES 2012: announced television Android K91, the first to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and the really interesting features.

If the operating system does not present enough, know that this 55-inch television by far is a real computer: 1.5GHz dual-core processor Qualcomm 8060 Snapdragon, Voice control, 5Mpxl camera which allows facial recognition, market Android and Lenovo, 8GB internal memory with an SD card 2Gb and external control via the 'special pad.

All this without forgetting the true focus, the quality of the display: 55 inch with integrated 3D technology (without glasses), LED backlighting, Full HD IPS 240Hrz.

It has not been informed of the sale price and date d 'output still seems far... The prototype shown supported only the Chinese language ... so it will take a little 'time to see it on the market.

Google TV will be presented at CES 2012? LG announces the presentation!

At CES 2012 will surely speak of the chat Google TV: About this project will have a lot of information, but expects the presentation of something concrete and this event could be the 'right opportunity.

LG has announced that it will be officially presented the new TV to Google: There are several rumors around the network, surely it is a Smart TV most likely with 3D technology without glasses.

Sony, Vizio, and Samsung other manufacturers involved in the project have not released information ...we have to wait a few more days to see officially so what does this Google TV.

iPad 3: Collect all the rumors!

Do not miss her presentation of the new tablet of Cupertino. Let us see how the world will imagine the 'iPad 3.

We know that the intensity of media coverage around the iPhone 4s did not do well with the new Apple smartphone, too many expectations have left behind him a lot of disappointment.

We try to avoid the same mistake with the iPad 3, but it's hard not to dream. Flying low is expected to a simple technical upgrade.

Firstly ,the photo department:
  • 8-megapixel back camera
  • 1080p Video
  • HD Front camera for a decent FaceTime even with the tablet
Not too much effort for short, Apple should simply import the plant photo of 4s.
It was an improvement should also be up to the screen that should reach a higher resolution display with the Retina but not oversized, maintaining its about 9 inches in size, making life easier for users and developers.

If these characteristics are given almost certain to remain big question marks on which it's nice to fantasize:
  • Processor: at last we will see the new A6 quad-core which is seen among some trace codes of IOS 5.1?
  • Sensor: we know the megapixels are not the only factor that makes a camera more beautiful, but the sensor is critical, who knows that the larger the tablet allow a larger sensor that will impress most.
  • Thickness: more and more insistent voices they think of a millimeter longer just for new members but could also radically change the design.
  • Name: who said he will call iPad3? If improvements were to be counted maybe you will opt for an iPad 2s.

More news and changes for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin: information!

The time of release for the Ubuntu distro is approaching and arrive more information more detailed about what's new and changes that we will find in this new version: Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

We can make a small list of news, here they are below:
  • New icons and graphics for the System Settings
  • Completely new design for both the 'clock and the menu, which allows us to set background and themes
  • Added the Privacy section (it comes of the old Zeitgeist renovated and renamed)
  • Keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab that allows you to turn off, hibernate, lock screen, suspend and restart

Obviously, the new distro is definitely still some surprises in store ... we'll see!

Ubuntu One also arrives on iPhone and iPad

The team Ubuntu One today announced the launch of the mobile application for iOS devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. With the Ubuntu One app, users can access and manage your files, like music and photos stored on the platform Cloud Storage belonging to Canonical. The application supports the operations of upload/download between a device IOS and U1 (Ubuntu One) and also allows you to rename files. Users can also choose to set the application in order to automatically load images in the cloud, taken with their device, every time you launch the app.

The app can run on iPad but has not yet been optimized as a universal application to maximize the screen size available. Ubuntu One can be downloaded from the App Store and requires iOS 4.0 or later; On Android, however, Ubuntu One is available as early as the mid-2011.

The managed file storage and synchronization service is primarily intended for users who use the Ubuntu Linux distribution where Ubuntu One which is included by default with the operating system (however available even with a working version of Windows). The basic service includes of Ubuntu One 5 GB of free storage without the support of streaming, while the service music streaming, Which comes with 20 GB of storage, costs 3.99$ per month or 39.99$ per year, however, are available 30 days trial.

Linux kernel 3.2 is with us: news and how to install it on Ubuntu

Better support Ext4 filesystem, an optimized TCP stack and support for thin provisioning in the Device Mapper are some of the most important news just released Linux Kernel 3.2 . The latest version of the kernel also brings with it a number of new drivers and improves, among other things, addressing cones graphics chips from Intel and NVIDIA hardware and wireless of devices Atheros and Broadcom. An update very rich, then, and I would recommend that you install on your Ubuntu.

Install the Kernel 3.2

To install the Kernel 3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric, follow the following instructions:

Members i386 (32bit)
    mkdir ~/Scrivania/kernel

    cd ~/Scrivania/kernel


    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

    cd ..

    rm -r kernel/
Members amd64 (64bit)
    mkdir ~/Scrivania/kernel

    cd ~/Scrivania


    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

    cd ..

    rm -r kernel/

If instead you want to install the PAE kernel, then you will find the related deb packages this page. Easy is not it? Check the version and restart the system by typing in a terminal:
uname -r

Problems updating Android 2.3.6 for Samsung Galaxy S2: how to fix?

The update to Android2.3.6 for the no-brand has been available for all terminals yesterday, Samsung Galaxy S 2. Unfortunately, according to what we read about, this update seems to bring problems to the WiFi, Bluetooth, inability to switch off the device, inability to access the settings of connectivity, excessive overheating, several blocks of the system and much more. The odd thing, though, is that not everyone has these problems. The reason? It seems that the terminals Galaxy S2 with HW 1200 will have problems once updated: only those with HW 1300, however, will have all the problems described above.

The 1200 hardware update without problems, the hw 1300 we planted! Verify that HW version you have with *#*#197328640#*#* and going Version Info -> HW Version -> Read HW Version. I hope to be useful!

Wifi Ubuntu slow? Here's the solution!

A couple of days my Linux distribution Ubuntu gave me some hassle with the wifi being too slow.

So I squeezed a little in front of the terminal and I found the solution to the problem.

The problem is the power saving mode that Ubuntu requires wifi cards or keys, blocking happens on some devices, so yes there is the energy savings but do not be so much more to go.


To determine the problem I did this:

It seems to me this:
pclinux@pclinux-desktop:~$ iwconfig
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.

wlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:”Sitecomxxxxx” 
          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: 00:0x:xx:xx:xx:xx 
          Bit Rate=54 Mb/s   Tx-Power=20 dBm  
          Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
          Power Management:on
          Link Quality=69/70  Signal level=-41 dBm 
          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0
Reading the Line Power Management on a beautiful read.

So now we have to turn off with:
sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off
If you notice that the speed increases, and then you definitely want to configure it:
sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
It opens the text editor and you have to insert the line
iwconfig wlan0 power off
before exit 0. Then save and exit. The next restart PC everything works properly.

KDE SC 4.8 RC2 available

Another gift of kings: the second Release Candidate of KDE SC 4.8 Also just announced, which will allow more eager to try the new version of the desktop environment but not in the final and definitive.
kde sc 4 8 rc2 500x357 KDE SC 4.8 RC2, disponible
In KDE SC 4.8 RC2 improvements are highlighted by their leaders but which Metalbyte and spoke at the news of the launch of the first Release Candidate ,Such as the inclusion of Plasma Workspaces QT Quick or the new Dolphin file view.

You can more information KDE SC 4.8 RC2 (also known as KDE SC 4.7.98) in the official announcement and the Release Notes. And of course you can download the binary package or source to compile on your system.

Facebook Messenger Now available for Windows

After a long period of testing, that's great news for everyone! This is Messenger on Facebook for all those who have the Windows operating system (in particular to make it work requires at least Windows 7).

So now, everyone can start downloading the Facebook Messenger, An application to chat with their Facebook friends while you will see all the updates: is a bit 'a mix between the most used features of our beloved social networks in blue, namely, the bulletin board and simple chat section.

However, there are still many fixes and many improvements that the team at Facebook will perform on this Messenger, to perfect it, and because it is not possible with this application to start a group chat or send a video, because it is not yet available compatible with the Mac version, which greatly reduces the potential of what is still, in our opinion, a really useful tool.

Sony Nypon: the first Android without Ericsson

The recent announcement of the acquisition by Sony Ericsson is starting to produce its first fruit, even if, as is well known to insiders, the acquisition will be complete mid-year that has just started. Some images come from the network, and various rumors, discussing a new smartphone. The new device in question should be the Sony LT22, also known as Sony Nypon, And may represent a point of reference for the design of all future smartphone of Xperia range.

The design of the terminal is special, especially on edges, Which follows the lines already seen in tablet S1, S2 of Sony. According to our information, the phone will have a aluminum back cover and, like the Nozomi, a LED light strip on the bottom that illuminates the outline of the body, with three soft-touch keys. Under the body there is a hardware line with the current high-end Android.

The operating system is likely to initially be Android Gingerbread and then spend the last born at Google, or Ice Cream Sandwich. The display should be a multi-touch capacitive with a diagonal of, 4-inch and resolution qHD of 960 x 540 pixels. The processor, which will direct the operations of various devices, in all likelihood will be a ST-Ericsson NovaThor dual-core 1 GHz with a graphics card type Mali 400, The same present on the current Samsung Galaxy S II. The RAM will be 512MB and the 16 GB of storage. This device, moreover, also a camera with a Exmor R sensor 8-megapixel. In all probability, the smartphone will be presented at the next CES in Las Vegas, scheduled for this month.

Ubuntu: how to make a file or folder indelible and immutable

I do not know how many times have you ever accidentally delete a file or entire directories: A tragedy, right? If you do this manually, then you'll still find the trash files and folders ready to be restored, but if you are wrong to give a parameter to the command from the terminal rm (Which is there to remove file/directory), then the recovery is much more complicated. In order to prevent some of our important files or directories from being accidentally removed, changed or deleted, we can rely on chattr (change attribute), which has a parameter that is exactly our case, to prevent unpleasant incidents.

Making immutable/indelible a file

Open the terminal and type:
sudo chattr +i file_name
and the file "file_name" will become immutable. If instead you want to restore it, type:
sudo chattr -i file_name
Making immutable/indelible a folder

Open the terminal and type:
sudo chattr -R +i folder_name
and the folder "folder_name" become immutable. If instead you want to restore it, type:
sudo chattr -R -i path_of_the_directory
All very simple and useful, do not you think?

GNOME 3.3.3 is available, foreseeing what will be GNOME 3.4

The development branch of GNOME continues its evolution and its leaders a few days ago announced the availability of GNOME 3.3.3, Which is a milestone on the way to the final version to appear in March and will be, as you all know, GNOME 3.4.

It seems that GNOME 3.4 is taking shape and is doing remarkably, with several significant improvements that have sought to highlight in Phoronix. For example:

  • Empathy ,The messaging program, has been largely rewritten
  • Epiphany has also been radically redesigned to become.
  • GLib, A key component of GNOME, has also won support menus in GApplication, which is important for the development of applications.
  • The GNOME Control Center also features improved design and many features
  • Optimized support for tablets and pointers -Especially for Wacom products.
  • New version of GNOME Boxes ,The platform virtual machine management.
  • Totem now uses the new API GLib thread support
You have more details on the list of characteristics of GNOME 3.3.3, An issue that makes us think big improvement a desktop environment that is taking very, very strong.

Change the theme and icons with Ubuntu Tweak

In contrast the previous release of Ubuntu 11.10 and Linux Mint 12 we have no tools to change the icons, but we can change the default theme from the Background section on System Settings.

Thanks to our reader's suggestion Today we're going to see how to change the theme and icons with Ubuntu Tweak.

The new version 0.6 of Ubuntu Tweak Among the many new features that have come also offers the possibility of change the default theme and icons on the new Gnome 3 with great ease.

First we download (I recommend it for GTK+ 3) Or new icons to be included in our distribution.
For this just copy the theme folder inside the folder .themes present in our home (just click to view Ctrl+h if there is not enough to create it) and copy the folder icons always in the folder .icons present in our home (just click to view Ctrl+h if there is not enough to create it)

At this point, just start Ubuntu Tweak and go to Tweaks and click Theme

In the window that opens we can change the theme with the new section of the GTK Theme and the set of icons in Icon Theme.
We close the window and here is the new theme or set of icons installed.


How to delete the timeline of the Facebook profile with Google Chrome and Firefox: Facebook timeline Single Column!

By now, the new timeline appears to be widespread in most Facebook profiles: personally, I find it a good idea and aesthetically is not bad ... but maybe not everyone likes! How to return to the old Facebook profile and delete the timeline? Exists and is called Facebook Timeline Single Column.

And 'the need' to use this extension for Google Chrome and Firefox to be precise, it is a little script that eliminate the timeline making our profiles similar to the old one.

You can download it here:
  • Google Chrome- Download it, install it and then restart your browser
  • Mozilla Firefox- Install Greasemonkey, restart your browser and then download and install this little script.

[Update] Wally 2.4.4 - Change your wallpaper automatically

Wally is an application to change our wallpaper every so often and can use images of our local hard drive, remote image via FTP or web services like Flickr image hosting, Yahoo!, Pike, ipernity, Photobucket , Buzznet, Picasa, Smugmu, etc..

Has been released version 2.4.4 with this list of changes:
- Fixed gconftool-2 arguments bug
- Settings window layout is now suitable for netbook screens
Wally developed using Qt4 libraries but also supports KDE4, GNOME, XFCE4, BlackBox, Fluxbox, Window Maker, and FVWM (experimental).
wally logo [Actualización] Wally 2.4.4 – Cambia automáticamente tu fondo de escritorio
The program is highly configurable: you can choose the way in which images are displayed, scaling, position, the change interval and several other parameters.

We can install or upgrade to Wally 2.4.4 with the deb package for your architecture and graphical environment from this link.

Wine 1.3.36 is with us! install it on Ubuntu

Rhythms shod for developers Wine, The well-known tool for Linux that emulates the Penguin native Windows applications. In fact, 15 days have not passed the previous release, but Wine updated to 1.3.36.
This is the changelog:
UDisks backend for the dynamic device support.
Polygons and geometric pens implemented in the DIB engine.
JScript now compiles entire functions.
Improved support for vertical fonts.
A few more scripts in UniScribe.
A bunch of ctype functions implemented in MSVCP.
Various bug fixes.
For install Wine 1.3.36 on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick and  Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid,We rely on official PPA project. By the time I write, the repositories are updated only Oneiric Ocelot; other versions of Ubuntu will update the package available in the next few hours. Just open the terminal and type:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3
It 's all

Sunday Wallpapers (Merry Christmas)

th Oboi k novogodnim prazdnikam 6 3 bender777post Wallpapers de Lunesth Oboi k novogodnim prazdnikam 7 71 bender777post Wallpapers de Lunes
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Click on each image and Save image as ... in the window that opens.

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