KDE SC 4.6 is already here!

The latest version of this great desktop environment now available for download after months of preliminary versions where we have seen the improvements that were implemented in this platform.

In the announcement highlights three main areas for improvement of KDE SC 4.6, as described below based on the text of the original announcement.
Plasma KDE workspaces

  • Win a new set of activities, Which makes it easier to associate applications with particular activities such as work or home.
  • We also have a revised power management ,With a simple control interface.
  • The window manager Plasma desks, KWin, Has received a new scripting system, and work spaces are also improvements visually.
  • Plasma Netbook: The optimized version for mobile devices comes with speed improvements and optimizations for use via a touch interface.
KDE Applications

  • Marble: It is possible to create routes between different locations in the Google Earth as an Open Source.
  • Dolphin: File Explorer features a new technology called Faceted Browsing, which starts a Filter panel for easy navigation of our files indexed using metadata. That allows you to organize your documents in a much more powerful.
  • KDE Games: The entertaining collection of KDE receives many improvements, with the return game as Klickety or better documentation for the game Kajongg.
  • Social graphics: Gwenview and KSnapshot possible to share the images created and captured with several social networks.
KDE platform

  • Mobile Development: It has created a new "mobile build target" to facilitate application development on mobile devices.
  • Development Support desktop widgets in QML, the declarative language of Qt.
  • Nepomuk: Offers a new graphical interface for backing up and restoring data.
  • Farewell to the HAL layer: with UPower, UDev and UDisks replacing the old ways of interacting with certain devices and resources.
  • Improvements Bluetooth support.
  • New Topic Oxygen: About all that has been created for GTK applications, and allowing seamlessly integrate these applications in the Plasma workspace and having all the appearance of KDE applications.
The truth is that KDE SC 4.6 has a lot of improvements on which you can find more details on the three key documents that describe: KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.6, KDE Applications 4.6 and KDE Platform 4.6.

And of course now you can download packages of KDE SC 4.6 to begin to enjoy them in your respective distributions if guys were not already doing so (we know you carry a lot of time with previous versions of KDE). Congratulations from LinuxTechCrunch team by a new version of KDE that consolidates the hard work and the fantastic visual aspect of this desktop environment.

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