How to Create applications for Android in a simple way

To create applications for Android no programming is needed, it only takes App Inventor of google, which is basically a web system to create applications for Android. With Google App Inventor Android can store data of users, create contests and access to phone functions like the GPS sensor. "You can create any application you can imagine," he said in from Google.

The application itself consists of 3 modules.
  1. An online ide from which we can add the different elements that tell our application.
  2. An SDK that will be installed on our machine, it is necessary to compile applications.
  3. Block editor is a java application that allows us to program our application, indicating what we do when they interact with online ide.

Incorporated into the sdk a emulator of android terminal, where we test our applications if we do not have telephone.

App inventor also can be used from windows, linux or mac os. It's really an interesting alternative for those without programming knowledge or time to learn.


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