[Firefox4] New Add-ons Manager

If in the previous article we talked about the improvements at the start of Firefox 4 (something required by many users), in this case we talk about something very dear to Firefox since its inception, and are merely accessories. But we will not specifically mention supplements, if not add new manager coming in the new version of Firefox, redesigned and with more features.


Firefox has had since its inception extensions (later as "complementary"to include the issues) that were installed in a very easy and fast. The problem was to find some extensions was not so easy. This was resolved with Firefox 3.6, which included a Search tab in the same window Add-ons (accessible via Tools> Add-ons).

New Add-ons Manager

But in Firefox 4 has tried to change this trend, it opened a new window to manage add-ons, so that this version will open a new tab for the administration.

To open it, you must go to Tools> Add-ons in the same manner as in the current Firefox on the left part shows the buttons:
  • Get supplements: shown on the right a home page that redirects ons Mozilla Addons. Find supplements has never been easier.
  • Extensions: You can manage all your extensions, preferences, uninstall, disable them, check for updates, installation date, and if you double click (or you click on the "More "), you'll see information about the plugin. Also, if you look at the catch, you can see if the extension is compatible with your version of Firefox, if you are disabled or have a security problem ...

  • Themes: here you will see listed all the themes/people you have installed.
  • Plugins: As with the themes and extensions, here you see all the plugins you have installed, such as Flash, Google Earth ... You can also disable that interest you (like Java, which has moved from Firefox options to the manager .)

(You may have other options such as "Language" or "Updates" will depend on your current configuration, although the "Update" will give you the solution, a bit below)

As you can see, everything is much clearer, and what is important, on the same screen navigation of Firefox, without opening new windows. And if you noticed, the navigation bar automatically hides when managing allowances, to ensure greater clarity that is not a website. But that's not all, as there are more things such as:
  • Menu options (which is a gear on top, next to the search box): It can make different choices with supplements: As for updates, view a history of updates, install a plugin from a file your local disk (although you can do this by simply dragging the file to Firefox), and then an option to automatically update supplements (we recommend you have it activated, it displays a check mark, the benefits described below).
  • Search Box: You can type the name of the plugin directory you wish to search and will show a results list, simply find the one you want and click Install. You can see the progress. And anticipating a bit of other articles, there are extensions that do not need to restart your browser and you can use them at the same time.

It added that in this new version of Firefox add-ons, supplements are updated automatically in the background and at any time without interrupting your browsing, not as in previous versions of Firefox, which is only updated when you start the browser, displaying a new window you could not sail until these updates finished.

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