Install Hotot in Fedora

If you've been reading a little bit these days for your feeds, certainly had some article about the new client for Twitter called Hotot.

This new Open Source project has proved a success right out the alpha and any comments on it I'm reading are very positive.

What has attracted most attention was the interface to simulate something like an application for Android or iPhone and of course performance.

The client consists of a single window with icons on the bottom, through which we can scroll through from our timeline, by the terms or private messages.

Also now has extensions to install.

To install on Fedora needed some dependencies and a library that is not in the repositorios.Despu├ęs need to download the source code and run the project.

No need to compile it is written in Python.
  • su -c 'yum install pywebkitgtk python-inotify mercurial python-distutils-extra'
  • git clone
  • cd keybinder/
  • ./
  • ./configure --prefix=/usr
  • make
  • su -c 'make install'
  • hg clone hotot
  • cd hotot/
  • python ./hotot/

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