Solution to Launchpad GPG keys

The script created by a user of ubuntuforums "blackgr" that allows to automatically add GPG keys Launchpad, was salvation for many of us, saving us trouble of doing this manually.

Then I think command "add-apt-repository", can add repository and public key with a single command, but if Ubuntu keyserver is out of key is not added.

To solve this problem in webupd8 have created a package (launchpad-getkeys) that can be installed through repository.

Repository and add public key webupd8

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 (Karmic o superior)

For earlier versions add repository manually. Substitute "YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE" for your version of Ubuntu.


Add public key

$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 4C9D234C

Update and install

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude install launchpad-getkeys

Finally we update entire system.

$ sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

Solved problem with GPG keys. Great for distributions based on Ubuntu.

KOffice 2.2 Released

Released package Office KOffice 2.2, which is characterized by beauty, as well as support from Nokia famous, which is concerned with KDE interface.


Package consists of a set of office software, including:
Word processing program Kword

Spreadsheet program Kspread
Program of presentations Kpresenter
  • In addition to program databases kexi
  • Karbon program for image editing vector
  • Krita program to edit bitmaps.
  • most important additions is ability to import files Microsoft Office 2007 such as. Docx,. Pptx . Xlsx, ability to import MS OOXML.
The most important updates: here
The website of program: here

Wine 1.2-RC2 Available

About a week we received Wine-RC1, now comes Wine-RC2. This development release includes new features not only concentrated in correction of errors, so code is frozen to deliver a stable release.

Customize Linux easily With airulus

airulus is an application that will facilitate interaction with our operating system, allowing customization of a quick and easy. airulus is an excellent alternative to Ubuntu-Tweak famous and not just limited to Ubuntu, but is also available as an RPM package for openSUSE distributions, Fedora, Mandriva, etc.. and source code.

The latest release, 05/10/1991 airulus includes following improvements:
  • Help Some Linux users learn skills
  • Some nice Install Applications
  • Some third party repositories Enable
  • Display hardware basic information
  • Clean APT / YUM cache
  • Backup and recover APT / YUM status
  • Change GNOME settings
Download binary package or add repository

Installing on Ubuntu lucid lynx (and karmic)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ailurus

Installation on Fedora
su-c ' wget-O / etc / yum.repos.d / ailurus.repo'
su-c 'yum makecache'
su-c 'yum install Ailurus'

Change boot and login Screen In ubuntu 10.04 With Pictures

Today we'll explain aesthetic touch to add our own Ubuntu 10.04 until we get a wonderful desktop

1 - Change boot screen :

In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid was used Plymouth, which contains many of characteristics and new features, and bring more beauty and a touch of our own distributions Ubuntu 10:04
Begin installation of Themes Plymouth with following command :
sudo apt-get install plymouth-theme-*

After inauguration, and for selection of an appropriate Theme for us, we apply following command:
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

Will show us this list: 

Choose No Theme and push enter
No. 5, for example, choose to install (Theme Sabily)
We take off and we'll see what we have done
You can access following path:

You will find themes that we have installed, and be able to modify any one of them to become your own, and you can share your friends

Note: In my experience, some of themes you need rebooting twice, so that works well

2 - Change login screen for users:
Choose your favorite photos that you want to use as a login screen, and must be a JPG, then copy it to following folder :
gksudo nautilus /usr/share/backgrounds

Order to activate selection of login screen:
sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop/usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow

We logged out and when you see screen user's choice, will appear to us a window (select background) this:

Choose from background that we want, and will be applied directly
In this case, when you enter system you'll see a selection screen background (you can try it)
To stop emergence of this window we apply following command :
sudo unlink /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop

GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Released

In yesterday was released GNOME 2.31.2 Shell, a major shift in famous desk that aims to be what at time KDE 4.

Shell Gnome now has support for Telepathy instant messaging, application menu on top panel (for moment,  only option "Quit"), among others.

Other important changes in GNOME 2.31.2 Shell
  • A magnifier has-been added to shell, this is mostly meant for accessibility, But Also will be useful for general use.
  • The clock is now configurable via GConf and add a simple preferences dialog (gnome-shell-clock-preferences)
  • A performance event log tracks That has-been added events (Such as paints frame), and statistics malloc'ed Such as memory.
  • and more
Change List

Shell Installing Gnome

$ Sudo apt-add-ppa repository: ricotz / testing & & sudo apt-get update

$ Sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Run "gnome-shell - replace" to launch.

Since I installed it to see if it is a bit more polished.

KDE SC 4.5 Beta1 Released

It has announced Beta release of first of what will be KDE 4.5. This release comes with major changes and will be working on stability of it, without mishap KDE 4.5 In end we will be premiering for month of August.

Features :

  • The notification area was reconstructed remains, providing a consistent look and interaction ensured at all applications and tools.
  • KWin-Tiling can automatically put the windows side by side, advanced graphics effects such as blur the background of translucent windows, offering a pleasant and useful experience.
  • If you prefer WebKit for rendering Web sites instead of currently used KHTML Konqueror, you can install the WebKit component. The WebKit component is available for Konqueror in KDE-Extragear repository, is based on the popular technology KPart components and fully integrated with the storage of passwords, content blocking and other features that users already know.
  • The purpose of this release cycle is the stability of the software delivered with SC KDE 4.5. While there are many exciting new features, developers have invested a considerable amount of time for finishing, polishing and has disabled the functions that are not usable.
Area notifications KDE 4.5 Beta1

Fedora 13 - Moblin Meego Released

After several days on release distribution, has released Fedora spin for a custom interface moblin

Note: The distribution Meego depend on Qt 4.6, that is Meego and moblin two separate projects (Meego was created from the integration of Maemo and Moblin)

More: Here


meego - version netbook - is now available

Today released first official version of operating system meego (netbook version)
And had been released from operating system meego in two versions:
  1. first version with Chromium browser free, that browser default version
  2. second version with Chrome browser, that browser by default, but before installing version requires approval of terms of Google

This distribution oriented - as is well known - to their mobile phones and devices netbook, and is product of collaboration between Intel and Nokia

There were many changes in distribution from previous moblin, which was released late last year, and was basis of distribution

Website : Here

I will shortly introduce a comprehensive version features
It should be noted that Fedora is also developing moblin, and has indeed released a special version with pc

Google Chrome 5.0 Stable for Linux , and Mac OS X Released

After a long wait Google announced first stable release of final Stable for system to Linux and Mac, which is fifth version of Google Chrome faster Internet browser. 
This version contains many enhancements to support standards of HTML 5, in addition to high speed browser with 35% from previous versions , and became a JavaScript engine is much faster, in addition to fill security gaps with availability of many of Themes and Extensions, with a possibility of Sync your favorites and your data with Google servers.
As the integration of Flash Player Adobe Flash Player 10.1 with this release, but not automatically enabled, as this version of Flash Player is still Beta, and will be enabled automatically after final release version.

You can download version of operating system or Linux distribution, which operates from here.

Slackware Linux 13.1 Released

Released today version of Slackware 13.1 is supported by interface KDE 4.4.3 and kernel, and many of updates such as:
and pan-0.133

You can download new version :
32-bit : Here
64-bit : Here

Information about version :
The Official Release of Slackware Linux by Patrick Volkerding is an advanced Linux operating system, is designed to achieve two objectives:

  • Ease of use and stability as a top priority
  • Include other popular programs while keeping a sense of heritage, providing simplicity and ease of use alongside flexibility and power
Slackware brings best of every world in one place.

Slackware, which was developed mainly by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux operating system which is similar to Unix, now benefit from participation of millions of users and developers around world. Slackware Linux provides new users and professionals, including both an integrated system specifications

has been prepared to serve any density starts from a desk job to machine room maid. Web services, files, and e-mail ready for use since start of setup, as well as editing software, and libraries, capital added for users who wish to develop or compile additional software

Official Website of distribution :

Fedora 13 Final Released

After Choose a name for Fedora 13 And  Postponed release Fedora 13 Was released from final version of Fedora (Fedora 13)
For them directly:Here 
In addition to links torrent Fedora 13:

Version Live:
GNOME interface:
KDE Interface :

Wine 1.2-rc1 Released

Wine project developers announced availability of first release candidate 1.2 of Windows environment emulator (wine)
The new version bears many of wonderful features including:
  1. Many of icons of new taskbar.
  2. Start to support some other languages
  3. Improve operations of rendering video
  4. Support for Font antialiasing by fontconfg
  5. And many of reforms here and there.

Android 2.2 Features in videos

Google unveiled Android 2.2, called Froyo. Came new version with some enhancements for outstanding performance and improvements, and many of features that are most needed. Here are some videos about new features:

For more about new in Android 2.2 here.

Apple developed an alternative to platform Flash

The battle raging between Apple and Adobe have taken curve even more, while there are reports that Apple is preparing to develop and provide an alternative platform to platform Flash.

The Apple has made new technology called Gianduia within conference of World of WebObjects Developer. Is described as a technical Gianduia normative framework to provide rich applications on Internet.

The Apple Gianduia already been used in many applications such as Service One to One, reservation system to your iPhone. This step -is as seen by many- logical by Apple which has already announced its refusal to use "Flash" , also openly declared that it would support languages and standards of HTML5, and CSS as an alternative to Flash .

The Apple does not support "Flash" to any of Their own computers at all, which it sees as "a closed system," according to words of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, while affirming faith of company that all Web standards must be open .

It is worth noting that Adobe intends to file a complaint with the U.S. authorities against actions of Apple , which you bring charges against them because of its refusal to open its platform to technology and development tools for Foreign Affairs and forcing developers to use their technology and their own instruments.

OpenBSD 4.7 released

Released today OpenBSD 4.7, and version came several features and improvements:
  1. support a greater number of cards and Wireless
  2. Support platform loongson
  3. Improvements to file system Medlayer
  4. Increase number of packets to more than 5800 pack
To see rest of updates from here
To download version from here

Google release WebM (container multimedia free) and its orientation towards YouTube

Google today released (under its annual event Google I / O) community projects for development of container and a strong free multimedia she named WebM. Container is a container that contains video, audio and translations is based on container Matroska, and will use format in which video VP8 (which Google announced intention to make it free last month), and coordinated sound Vorbis.

Were also launched encoding VP8 - within project - under a free license that allowed everyone to be implemented and modified and improved, provided that user sue anyone for breach of encoding for patents owned by you.

Google also announced that videos with a resolution of 720 pixels or higher, which will be uploaded to YouTube after on May 19 will be encoded using new free format.

And launched Free Software Foundation congratulates Google statement on this change after they had sent her an open letter asking them to make it free two months ago.

The browsers Firefox and Chrome and Opera will support this format in addition to format Ogg - which is supported by those browsers currently - in next versions.

GNOME 2.30 release in FreeBSD

The release of Gnome 2.30.1 - a modern version of desktop, which was known before in Linux, but now it is in FreeBSD -
It is new gnome shell, which is anticipated in Gnome 3.
  • To inauguration should be ports has been updated using cvsup or portsnap Beyond:
  • To fix any errors in file responsible for storing list of programs in your system.

pkg_deinstall-fO gnome-keyring
  • Delete gnome-keyring
portinstall security / gnome-keyring
  • The reinstatement of gnome-keyring
  • Redevelop of all specific programs in system.
  • You should then be implemented in following command:
D: mean delete programs that are downloaded from Internet, you will find in folder / usr / ports / distfiles.
C: scan files that were created during translation process, can be found within each program was inaugurated under name of work, for example: / usr/ports/x11/gnome2/work.
Otherwise, you will find that a large area of your hard drive has disappeared

Linux Mint 9 release With GNOME interface

Having said that in previous topic : Mint 9 will release next week
Mint 9 distro released today (May 17, 2010)
There are 4
versions of each copy and two (intel-amd):
  1. version GNOME interface Cd (intel - amd).
  2. version GNOME interface DVD (intel - amd).
  3. version oem distributors of hardware (intel - amd).
  4. version of Japan (intel - amd).
  5. File to verify md5: Here

Later I will add new features photos

Linux kernel 2.6.34 released

Released new version of kernel Linux, which holds 2.6.34, of course - and like every new version - there are new features and greater support for hardware and many reforms
Of most prominent features in this version:
  1. Support for Distributed File System ceph
  2. Support file system Logfs allocated to storage drive based on Flash memory (such as hard drives SDD, fingers flash ..)
  3. Add some drives, such as: VMware ballon driver
  4. Add new updates to the file system btrfs
  5. Support for switching between graphics cards for devices that are available on more than one card
  6. Support for parallel testing in drive and pata_atiixp pata_efar

From here a list of all new version of new features and additions
To download this version: here
As for who owns Ubuntu can follow what came in this topic : Upgrade kernel (lucid) your Ubuntu to upgrade directly from package manager

Upgrade kernel (lucid) your Ubuntu

Today is latest kernel: 2.6.34-lucid
It is for new version: ubuntu 10.4 lts

I will explain you steps to upgrade
The formula: DEB
  • do download of these packages
  • Put what you've downloaded into the file on the desktop and put his name: a
  • Open terminal, then type:
cd Desktop/a
  • and then do a COPY of this? Over:
sudo dpkg -i *
Wait a few minutes and will end

  • open the terminal and type:
sudo apt-get update
  • and
sudo apt-get upgrade
Make a reboot and all things will be okay
For those who have amd processors have to choose what suits them from following link: Here

Downthemall 2.0 beta release

This version came additions and new features many:
  1. Possibility to determine speed of download options: General Preferences ,Per Server,Per download
  2. Department of mirrors: add / delete / modify on download sites (mirrors)
  3. Support for browsing secret
  4. Integration with video and audio files
  5. Add a property media-sniffing, when you run clips flv and other formats will be identified (works with https / http only)
  6. Integration with Video DownloadHelper
  7. Support metalink 4
  8. Support to examine files and retrieve download with metalink
And many many features and other add-ons
this page to find out by yourself:

Note: The add-on is available in English only and will add support for other languages in future versions

Skype supports Video Calling

Skype team announced for provision of service (Video Calling) in five ways, and is still a beta version


New features:
  • Screen participation
  • Messages in Chat
  • Determine the time
  • Support UI styles
  • Report abuse

  • BlueZ 4.0.0 (optional)
  • D-Bus 1.0.0
  • Qt 4.4.0
  • PulseAudio 0.9.16 (optional)
  • libasound2 1.0.18

Downloads :

Wikipedia: new logo and new look

Wikimedia Foundation today announced launch of new wikipedia logo, and new look, a year after start of initiative usability, which seeks to facilitate use of wikipedia and contribute.

Address new logo a few typographical errors in the old logo, which is available with high accuracy.

The new interface have been streamlined navigation and improved search, and proposals made rich by adding editorial page editor makes bar to contribute to modification of articles and create remarkably easy; and is used initially in wikipedia and wikimedia commons.

It should be noted that amendments made by usability team during past year are available under a free license, and any wiki (that runs on mediawiki) to take advantage of them.

Postponed release Fedora 13

Postponed release Fedora 13 because there are a number of bugs , and can not release final version only after it is treated with all those bugs.
In general, those in habit of Fedora, almost every two weeks delay in each version.

The pitfalls that hampered release are:Here
Has been resolved all but 3 are: Here

VirtualBox 3.2.0 Beta 2 release with feature run Mac OS

Released four days before new version of program virtualbox a beta version 2 After VirtualBox 3.2.0 Beta 1 release , and is characterized by its ability to run Macintosh system, and those who do not know virtualbox is a program that allows installation of operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) from within a Linux system or from within Windows without need for Formating and customization.
There are several copies of operating system version as target, namely:
  • Fedora 10 - 11-12
  • Mandriva 2009.1
  • SUSE 11 - 01/11 to 02/11
  • Red Hat 4-5
  • Turbolinux 11
  • Windows
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
Download Direct : Here

Lugaru game and three other games goes open-source

Has introduced wolfire way new advertising for games when it announced its campaign: "Push thing that you want" and get five games multi-platform are: World of Goo and Aquaria and Gish and Lugaru and Penumbra overture, where she works on Windows and Mac and Linux, as well as with option of contributing to associations charity of amount paid.
Within seven days company received more than 121.384 and amount of more than a million dollars, and on track company decided to extend show for three days, and promised to be four games are: Aquaria and Gish and Lugaru and Penumbra overture open source, has already started and made game Lugaru open source, You can access it from here : Lugaru goes open source .

If you like to participate and benefit from offer is still on.
You personally to participate and buy games at 14 dollars and make system Linux which I am working on new games more fun.

Linux makes ice cream with Red Hat

By a British firm (name moobella) perfected a machine for making ice cream, and adopted company in machine operating system Red Hat system running machine, and contains machine ice cream on 15-inch touch screen, people can choose types of ice cream, and supports machine is also wireless connectivity, The advantage of wireless connectivity to work of maintenance of ice cream machine

Video of machine is doing its job to serve customers :

What to Expect from Firefox 4 ?

At first sight we saw browser Firefox 4 has been very limited and are not sufficient to discover advantages of this version promising and new.
Although it is still limited, but there were a new and exciting discoveries for next version, such as:
  • Support for CSS3 and HTML5
  • The browser is compatible with property of Touch Dual, update backgrounds, GPS
  • Property of synchronization with Firefox (known as Mozilla Weave)
  • In addition to amendments to interface.
You can also access into this wonderful browser and see for yourself what's new!!!!

Mint 9 will release next week

Organizers announced on distribution mint they found 32 problem in version RC, and were able to solve 21 problem, and left them 11 problem of bugs, and expect fixed in next few days, and believe that they can (if all goes well) to issue a mint 9 within a week .
They are also applying to thank each of supported them, both in experiment and discovery of errors or translators who have sacrificed their time to perform this great work and important work.


Madriva for Sale

At time proclaimed ratification of 3G modems type Huwawei (E156 and E160), and ZTE (MF626 and MF100), an article was published on its website tells us that mandriva initiated discussions for resale.

Since 2008 and the financial position of mandriva disturbing. The physical condition of company worsened in 2010. The company aims (since March) to rely on € 200000 of cash for settlement of financial burdens, and provide a plan for continued payment of wages.

The transition state is currently facing mandriva led to consider establishment of a system to maintain level of participation of core developers for mandriva to ensure success of current negotiations that would ensure continuity of group as a result. In other words, re-sale of company is - it seems - only alternative to closure. It is still too soon to know results, particularly for staff, who number almost 80, and users who are estimated to number about 3 million around world.

Excerpts from minutes of Board of Directors on March 24 indicates that company LightApp renewed desire to get mandriva. LightApp development company based in London hosted development of information solutions (or Distance) via Internet to re-use old equipment or cheap, or even as a cheap TV enables customers to connect to Internet and broadband.

France Foundation has a weight in this sector, a group also interested in buying Linagora mandriva. Linagora representatives claiming that they had begun negotiations with mandriva. Group Chief Executive Linagora, Alexander Zapolsky, also pointed out that discussions were under way to study buying part of company's assets.

I hope that end of what happens to mandriva good, since it has been and remains one of most beautiful and most distributions, ease of use.

Ryzom Goes Free Open Source!

Announced launch of interactive game code (Ryzom) and 3D graphics under a free license, allowing community to understand, develop and precursors and removal of central servers.

The previous attempt to edit game was in 2007, when he announced auction of game and started campaign community to collect pledges for purchase from Company Nevrax ,Free Software Foundation pledged to donate 60,000 U.S. dollars, but campaign did not succeed, and sold game to Company Gameforge AG, which kept a monopoly.

Gameforge AG went bankrupt in October 2007, and closed game, and then re-opened without any announcement of new operator. Announced new operator (Winch Gate) and news of resumption of accounts payable in May 2009, which was published later engine is licensed under GPL, and today completed actions to launch game and publication of its specifications source client-side and server-side licensed under the GNU AGPL, and graphics licensed under CC-BY- SA. The code game consists of more than two million-line software.

This is a great step for freedom of entertainment, let us see what future hold for this game free!

Canonical supportive Ubuntu buy licenses h.264

After intensification of war about encryption videos on Internet, and progress of encryption Open non-free (H.264) because of his support of most companies, such as: Microsoft and Apple in face of move someone to support free alternative ( theora )
Here canonical (supportive Ubuntu) quietly buying licenses for H.264 and place it in Miatha Ubuntu to be on Linux computers

The first images of Steam platform dedicated to GNU / Linux

A team of Phoronix run one of files obtained after leakage through pages of site Valve, to show us first pictures to screen of your login to Steam:

According toTeam, these images demonstrate that Valve and Steam developers are still working on this version that are not suitable for use at the moment

Vote name of Fedora 14 , The final stage

Names were selected six final candidates to be name of Fedora 14

The six names are:
Fytnargin, Laramie, Hoppin, Ventnor, Mitikas, Laughlin
Be voted through this page to members of Fedora

The selection of these names from among more than 50 names
Voting will continue until May atheist ten

This page was developed by choices

Note: The system of selecting new names in Fedora is that there must be a relationship between new name and old name
For example:
Fedora 13 was named Goddard is name of scientist and representative and name of a mountain
Thus, name of Fedora 14 should be name of a mountain or a representative or any relationship of joint

Themes for Google Chrome for excellent integration in ubuntu lucid

If you're using ubuntu lucid and loves to work on Google Chrome, you can now make browser integrated with new features used in ubuntu lucid.



You can also download your Scrollbars for ubuntu lucid for better integration

New features in NetworkManager 0.8.1

In new version of "NetworkManager" , Came many new features, most came to support additional network

Version 0.80.1 added support for ModemManager, so as to increase support for Mobile Broadband cards such as GSM, UMTS and CDMA.

Use ModemManager means new features, such as displaying signal strength, feature to switch between networks 3g and 2g, and now you can prevent roaming communication to reduce cost of communications.

0.81.0 also supports use of Bluetooth to get in touch Protocol (PAN) and (DUN).

Here a wiki for devices supported.

If you are from users who connect by IPv6 will be happy when you know that ModemManager now supports IPv6 ip automatically and consistently.

And also in this version will be supported by DHCP.

The New in KDE 4.5 with pictures

Having made A picture of KDE 4.5 on subject of a previous, present to you new features in KDE 4.5 pictures:
To see full image click on it
1 - Re-arrange schedule for device control settings:

2 - Status of new information through:

3 - a new view of Decorative windows with possibility to download new ones directly:

4 - tiling windows, and is a feature to show all windows with each other to facilitate movement between them.

5 - and last desktop with new improvements in calendar where he became a display of important events:

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