Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 : From Ubuntu 9.10 or 8.04

I will explain how to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 or 8.04 to Ubuntu 10.04

Before you begin upgrading:
Make sure that your system has all old updates, and to do this:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10:
Go to : System / Administration / Update Manager , and click on Check and wait until completion to get latest updates.
Now if you have any developed new packages you have to update them. Just click Install Updates and then click Check again and you'll see this message:

Just click on Upgrade and follow the instructions that appear to you, and would have been finished.

  • Upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04:
Press Alt + F2 and enter:

update-manager - devel-release

Now press Enter and follow the same instructions above.

  • Upgrade to Ubuntu using the CD 10.04 Alternative:
Very important : If you have a disk labeled Ubuntu Live CD, it can not upgrade it. You need to have Alternate CD and you can get it from same page download official version.

Once you enter Ubuntu alternate CD you'll see a message that you are upgrading.


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released , release long-term support

Ubuntu team announced news launch of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx support long-term LTS (desktop version: 3 years - copy server: 5 years).

This version comes a series of improvements in terms of form and stability, where the problem is resolved boot (bug # 570 765) - For dual boot operating systems (binary or multi) -

Also fixed a bug in X. Org (large consumption of memory = slow in working order).

Ubuntu 10.04 package comes great updates in all respects:
Kernel version is 2.6.32, and display server X.org 7.5, and GNOME 2.30

The Programs Service are as follows:
Firefox 3.6

Open office 3.2

Center programs:
Program Center Ubuntu (new)

Outreach Program:
Social Outreach Program

E-mail and chat:
E-mail program and chat program

Music program:
You can now purchase audio tracks directly from the store Oopintoa

And many other programs
  • For rest of updates and improvements to this version, here
  • For download: here
  • Or you can request a CD free of charge to receive your home: from here.

Fedora 13 Final now available

Version was released some time ago

Fedora 13 TC1 (beta phase) is now available

Enter page and download links and instructions to test here.
  • Installation:
  • Desktop:

And, ideally, test cases are now final alpha and beta
And should click here for more information, and desktop from here
Download from here


19 days left until the promulgation of final version officially. The version found here is used for testing which is not final (but at stage beta)

VirtualBox 3.2.0 Beta 1 release, with advantage of operating system Mac OS X

Released beta version of program (VirtualBox) to run systems on a Virtual machine
the version is first major release after Oracle's acquisition of Sun's Ancient
The most important updates on this version:
  • Support Host systems Mac OS X (Mac OS X guests)
  • Improve ability to manage random access memory (RAM) between the VM and processor and system for Linux and Windows, also was accelerated video playback within program.
To read more about this release: Here
To download version of rpm or deb format or source: Here

Opera 10.52 for Linux users release

Was released today for Opera browser version 10.52, which came late, especially after I got same version for Windows and Mac systems

Download link was not on home page of opera, though it has been loaded on site since date 23-Apr-2010

Link page to download is: here

This is a picture of same browser on new version of Ubuntu, released final version with number 10.4


Spiffy : special version of Opera for Mac , with special features

Opera developers announced that it was release of the version of Opera 10:52 named Spiffy, dedicated to Mac users
This version in which support for Games and many other features if you are tired of Safari and Firefox
It is worth mentioning that the Linux version 10.5 has not been released so far

Suggested name for Fedora 14

Announced Paul W. Frields - President of Fedora Project - named for early stage of Fedora 14

He said: "The Fedora 13 are very close, so it is when you start the stage of naming next version of Fedora"

Can propose a name for Fedora 14 Here

Microsoft contribute to development of Joomla

Seems we have entered a new phase different from its predecessors.

At this stage, we do not find that Microsoft changed its tune toward open-source only, but it had begun to contribute in some projects!!!

The official site of your content management (Joomla), we find the news that Microsoft signed a contract: to contribute to the development of a sentence, and will be a partner in its development.
Full Story Here 

A picture of KDE 4.5

Today we will offer you the following picture which is KDE 4.5, which will come down in August next

Will be very beautiful touches in recent group decided to focus on desktop finishing touches to add more new things, here is the picture without the effects of 3D :

Lenovo postpone Launch Laptop (Skylight) Working on Linux

Announced "Lenovo" of software it had decided to postpone introduction of "smart notebook" which was supposed to incorporate functions of your laptop with a smartphone.

The device does not weighs more than 900 grams

The company said the device, which was scheduled to be brought to market during this April will be delayed until next July.
And the company attributed the resolution to the willingness to provide new product to fullest for customer, while observers linked it launched new device from "iPad", which provides similar functions to some extent, by "Apple"
The system carries name of "Skylight" and is characterized by light in weight, which does not exceed 900 grams and its battery developed that allow him to work for nearly ten hours of continuous high-power processors.
It features a device also screen-type HD-size 10.1-inch, coupled with a memory chip digital special design, the operating system is Linux, and provides a service offering a range of programs at one time on screen, such as e-mail and social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter ) and play music and movies.

Beta Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 released

RedHat has released a beta version of platform Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, and is RedHat distribution of the most popular Linux distributions, which is directed to business environments and companies.
The latest version is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 had been issued in 2007.

What's new that you intend to offer in RedHat version 6?

Well, there are many, and perhaps most important capabilities of an integrated power management and voltage processor, and also worked with development team RedHat Linux kernel characteristically to improve the performance, as re-writing schedule tasks to be distributed in an orderly and precise capabilities of processor.

RedHat 6 as well as focus on improving capacity expansion to support devices with 64 core and 2 terabytes of memory, as well as RedHat added security features and new capabilities and enhancements to support virtual hardware tools, which started since release 5.

Beta version available for download for free from RedHat.

Parted Magic 4.10 Released

Released today a new version of the famous distribution maintenance Parted Magic bearing number 4.10, after only 23 days of issuance previous version, which carries number 4.9
Features Version :

Has been updated the following programs:

grep to 2.6.3, sshfs-fuse to 2.2, BusyBox to 1.16.1, SimpleBurn to 1.5.0

Kernel has been updated to version

Contains some new programs such as EncFS 1.5.2, emelFM 0.6.0, GSSHFS 1.0.0, GEncFS 1.0.0, UNetbootin 429, and RLog 1.4

Will be linked to FAT32 file system automatically so that supports UTF8

- You can download the distribution from here
- Usb version from here

Compiler GCC 4.5 Released

Released latest version of an interpreter for the programming language GCC, which carries number 4.5, this release a very distinctive and bear significant changes, especially for programmers

Of the most important changes brought about by:
- Enhanced support for experimental criteria of language + + C and the next, which bears name of C + +0 x ISO.
- Support for MPC library competent numerate to accelerate the classification process.
- Improved support multiple processors such as ARM, IA-32/x86-64, M68K/ColdFire, MeP, MIPS, RS/6000 (POWER / PowerPC), and RX.

Video Editor Lightworks will be open source

EditShare announced its intention to launch the video editor Lightworks product open source, after it bought last year, and editor Lightworks developed by a British company since the 1989 when he was a multi-platform and supports a huge number of advantages, including edit functions and 3D. It has been used in liberation of many films including Shutter Island and Centurion.

EditShare company says that the launch Lightworks under an Open Source license can access to full advantages. The program will be available in the third quarter of this year.

Autodesk Maya 2011 depends on Qt

Nokia announced and Autodesk Inc., the Programme of Maya 2011 will be based on multi-platform Qt library, which was bought by Nokia recently.

Qt library is a library that is basic programming of KDE desktop, which is largest free product depends on library Qt.

And Maya is a program of popular programs in the world of 3D design, and is not Avatar latest movies that relied on Autodesk Maya Techniques.

Previously, most famous Maya additions program was written on library Kuyt, but has now been written by the Maya.

Songbird Stop Supporting Linux

Announced the development team Player Multimedia Open Source (Songbird) had stopped its support for platform GNU Linux, and as a result of the lack of developers working on Songbird, and their desire to focus on such priorities as: Add new features and a good support for Windows platforms and Mac.

Decision may be somewhat surprising, especially when it depends on Songbird platform Firefox free and relies heavily on open source technologies.
And to alleviate news, the developers announced that they will continue to maintain a copy of program for use by Engoa Songbird who develop on Linux platform, in addition to work of building a mechanism for Linux developers on the page but will not be tested, like its counterparts from other platforms.

And equip development team has a long list of new features for next version of Songbird, such as: video support, and management of library and import audio and feature support (full screen), as well as full integration with Windows 7 In addition to supporting a wide range of devices.

GNOME 2.30 release

GNOME Foundation released the latest version of GNOME desktop and bears number 2.30, this release is continued focus of GNOME project to users and ease of use in GNOME 2.30 with hundreds of bug fixes and improvements requested by users.
The most important new features:
1 - Preview more files
This version carried the new addition to the Nautilus file browser, including the separate display style.
2 - improve the functioning of instant messenger (empathy), adding many new features such as the status bar to display a list of distributors and send files by drag and drop the person you want to send the file to.
3 - Improving the capacity of the program to view PDF files of the print area and their characteristics.

In addition to the many new features you can see them from here.

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