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Desktop Wallpapers in Android: Everything You Need to Know

At first glance, changing the wallpaper our Android is one of the first things we learn to do once we released our first terminal Android ,But thanks to the endless possibilities of customization offered by the Google mobile operating system Can be much more complicated.

So today we will explain everything related to extensive background of your screen Android, From something as simple as setting it as wallpaper images of your predefined Android ,To put a video of your choice as animated wallpaper. Do not miss this extensive Guide on wallpapers in Android after cutting.

The basics, to change our static or wallpaper live wallpaper.

First of all as simple and elemental. How to change our static wallpaper. Depending on the smartphone Android that you have or depending on the ROM that you use to change the static wallpaper can be quite different, so we choose to rely on Android "Pure" as conceived Google, Ie in the ROM's AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that come with all devices Nexus (Nexus One and Nexus S). In the CyanogenMod ROM, Being based on the AOSP, Operation is identical. To change the static wallpaper we will:

  • From the desk of our Android, Click the button Menu and select the option Wallpaper or Wallpaper.
  • We will list the different possibilities, the most common, Wallpapers common ,Gallery and Animated Wallpapers (LiveWallpapers).
  • Wallpaper selected common.
  • Wallpaper choose the ones you like best and we give Set Wallpaper.
  • And we will have changed our wallpaper!
To change our wallpaper one Animated (LiveWallpaper), The process will be exactly the same except that we choose from the options of animated wallpapers or LiveWallpapers. Note that there are several animated wallpapers that have the customization options that meet in the menu animated wallpapers as we appear next to "Set" "Settings". In this new menu, you can adjust the colors or effects of some animated wallpapers.

It automatically change wallpaper with our photos

Through Wallpaper Changer automatically can change our wallpaper of our Android. Select the Gallery of our Android or a specific folder where the pictures we want them to be our background. To change the wallpaper we can do it manually with a widget that brings the application or automatically with any automatic presets, and these to unlock your phone or set a time for change. Wallpaper Changer is available on the Android Market so Free.

Changing our wallpaper from thousands of images

There are many applications in the Android Market that allow us to navigate through huge catalogs of images where to find our great wallpaper. We emphasize Wallpapers and HD Backgrounds. From these applications, you can find tens of thousands of photosAll ordered categories and the ability to download to your Android so set as wallpaper. You will have no excuse to find your ideal wallpaper.

Wallpaper change our color, gradients and textures

If images or landscapes are not your thing and rather prefer to have as textured wallpaper or a fixed color, Applications are now going to review that interest you. The first is Simple Wallpaper, With which you can set as desktop background a single color, with the possibility that this is a gradient, to give an artistic finish to your wallpaper. Then we have I Love Color ,With which we can not just solid colors to choose from our backgrounds, but we can choose patterns and shapes and color them that we like, highly recommended and highly customizable. Finally, we Tapestry HDWallpapers, With which you can set a wallpaper of their many textures that offers you, from animal skins to timber.

Set a video as wallpaper

If the still images you did not have enough, with Live Video Wallpaper ,you can set animated wallpaper as any video you have in your Android, We only install Live Video Wallpaper and navigate to Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers and select Live Video Wallpaper ,Where we can choose the video that we like in our own collection, that simple. Obviously, battery consumption Live Video Wallpaper is higher than normal background, but worth it to startle our friends possess an iPhone ;)

With this guide on screen funds Android and are ready to let fly your imagination and see what Android is able!
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