Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 reasons not to do the jailbreak to your iPhone, iPad or iPod

I've always been supporter to make the Jailbreak my iPhone and other devices iOS, Because it opens up new possibilities and forget about the limitations that Apple imposes on its users, in fact he had already published a list of 10 reasons to make the Jailbreak for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which I continue, but I found its counterpart these 4 reasons to not make it Jailbreak to your device.

1- Goodbye stability and security

Jailbreak can give you plenty of options for increasing the functionality of your device but also can cause things to work unexpectedly, as the extensions and add-ons installed, can cause applications to crash. The Jailbreak turns your mobile device into a regular computer in the sense that the solution to a problem is not so simple to solve that now requires some knowledge and effort to solve a problem.

2- You will not get updates iOS as soon as the other users

If you want to always have the Jailbreak on your iPhone and do not want to lose it for a long time each time you update your IOS, then you have to wait a little longer to update. This can be frustrating when there is a big software update with plenty of new features that you want to have or if you really need the latest bug fixes that have come with the new version. So if you have the Jailbreak you must learn to be patient.

3- You'll need to be restored iPhone often

The jailbreak is quite easy to do when it works. But for unexplained reasons, sometimes this process fails and you have to keep repeating the process until it works, so it is very annoying because you have to be doing a complete restoration often, but the real problem comes when you realize that after you restore the amplifier iOS to restore all your music, photos, videos and other things and do all this is a very slow process, so when you do the jailbreak, you must be prepared to lose up to four hours of your time in the event of a problem. This is not something that always happens but it happens frequently.

4- The only good applications can be installed with Jailbreak are extra

If you do not like paying for applications in App Store ,Then you will hate pay for applications Cydia ,Because most of the applications that are worth paying and worst of all, it cost more than they cost in average apliciones of the App Store, some good applications that are only in Cydia and you have to pay for them are: Better Notifications, Better SMS, Better App Switching, Retro Game Emulation and more.

As you can see there many advantages to make the Jailbreak, But there are these disadvantages, so finally you must decide which weigh more for you and which you decide.
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