Friday, May 6, 2011

[Unity] Add icon to show desktop in launcher

Unity does not bring in Ubuntu 11.04 An applet to show the desktop in the launcher, if instead a keyboard shortcut to quickly access the desktop is the key combination Super+D.

But you may be accustomed to go to your desktop by clicking on an icon, so in WebUpd8 have made a small script that does the same job as the show desktop applet for gnome.

First installed wmctrl in a terminal typing:
sudo apt-get install wmctrl
Then down the script and the file. Desktop, extract and copy the script "showdesktop" in folder /usr/local/bin using these commands (one to one)
tar -xvf showdesktop.tar.gz && rm showdesktop.tar.gz
sudo mv showdesktop /usr/local/bin/
Now you have a personal folder file "showdesktop.desktop"You can leave it or move it wherever you want, just drag and drop Unity launcher and you have your icon to show the desktop.

I suggest you try the keyboard shortcut is much faster and do not take hands off the keyboard for anything
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