Saturday, April 2, 2011

Linux kernel 2.6.39 RC is available

Just launched the first version 2.6.39 RC of Linux kernel whose most striking features is a special that will give joy to the most devoted to free software and reluctant to install any proprietary driver: Nouveau drivers for Nvidia cards will give a boost of outstanding quality, Exceeding even the proprietary driver performance . More or less the same thing happened and the Ati in the Kernel 2.6.38, yielding 3D quite well but as a user of a HD series 4000 I must say I was quite disappointed about the driver is free in terms of power management, preferring always end by the owner, as well as my portable breath, because with the free driver seems to be burning out and the fans are always on top (even with the kernel 2.6.38.) I hope to improve from here not long that aspect ....

You can try if you like, RC versions are usually quite stable (But not the daily updates from experience) Anyway, know that usually throw half 8 RCs before the final version, so bear in mind that despite being an RC, it still lacks .... rather they are called betas at RC xDDD
Link to download the kernel packages .Deb
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