Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 reasons why not to buy the iPad2 ?

Okay, I give up, do not like the iPad 2 and therefore present the 5 reasons why anyone should not buy the new gadget from Apple, the iPad2.

Ah .. and I forgot .. as soon as possible publish "5 reasons why you whether to buy the iPad2, Calm maqueros, I'm still a applefanboy.

1. No need for this device. Apple releases a lot of hardware without a practical sense until later, when applications actually give a greater sense and then other companies launch similar products at a much lower price. It's a matter of time and wait, and in this case equal or that, because there are already many other tablets such as Samsung that are working well and have better benefits and a very good system Android.

2. Since I have an iPhone or smartphone. Therefore, having an IPAD or as many call a "giant iPhone" is how to duplicate the functionality of the devices. Nobody in their right mind would buy an iMac 21.5 "and another 27" the same way if you have a smartphone with which to connect with the mobile internet and you can check via wifi or 3G web, as emails ... These specific tasks which the screen is larger is something that is certainly better, but we have plenty of actual and buy a gadget that price only to improve the present, is an unnecessary expense.

3. It has no USB. I do not care what you say Steve Jobs and his philosophy of working in the cloud. How do I open documents? How do I keep? No doubt there are options but they all go through a computer with iTunes or the network type applications DropBox or email. There are ways to do the longer we currently do in a prick as comfortable as USB. No doubt a big "but" is not subject to the ideas or philosophies of Apple and find a device that even if a lower specification, can do so right now I do on the laptop. Total ... but do not need more hardware connectivity and convenience.

4. I can not install my apps as MacOs. Must pass through "box" while it is true that many of the applications are free, but the most "impressive" and are extra large. Thus, if you bought iWork for MacOs do I have to pay again to put it in the IOS? Same with iLife ... and do not talk about the impossibility of putting programs like Photoshop as we know it. Yes there are versions for IOS but they are all very expensive and I stress "if you already bought for the Mac because I have to re-buy for IOS? With a laptop this would not happen.

5. The design is not to my liking. Yes, it's "nice" is nice, but is very large. We're talking about a device somewhat less in size to a notebook but with less benefits. If I wanted a small, lightweight device can be bought for a similar price, or less than an eee Book and to have the same things on my PC and use it as a portable device.
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