Friday, March 25, 2011

Tip: Extract a tarball online without local saving

This method is more economical for you if you use a computer for which no sufficient space, or volume your hard disk is small, such as that found in EeePC.

First: You will know what is the format Tar ?

The name of this format is derived from the word tape archive, a file format used to archive files and is used with several terminations such as .gz and others in order to compress the files archived with .tar, and these terminations as:
gz – .bz2 – .z – .lz – .xz.
And that the shape as follows:
filename.tar.gz and so on, which is often used in systems operation GNU/Linux, BSD and what has built them.

Now we come to the method:

Write in the Terminal:
wget -qO – “” | tar zxvf
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