Friday, January 28, 2011

Recover deleted files in Linux

Have you deleted a file accidentally in Linux and now want to try to get it back? The situation sure sounds like you, and although in some cases the recovery is not possible, There are other ways of trying to undelete file.

So we have a complete tutorial on, which also speak of how repair file systems on Linux using e2fsck tool, One of the legendary on Linux and supports Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4.

The most interesting part of the tutorial is by far the recovery of deleted files, which first describe the process that occurs when you delete a file, an interesting analysis for understanding what happens when we ran a rm on any file. In fact, in the same explanation is a recovery, "a hair" of a deleted file evidence to show the art work.

From this comes the description of a specific tool to recover deleted files on Linux, called Scalpel. The installation of this utility is trivial, in Ubuntu, for example, is sufficient to sudo apt-get install scalpel- And once installed will have to edit the file /etc/scalpel/scalpel.conf  to set the file extensions you want to retrieve.

The Released utility has this syntax:

sudo scalpel /dev/sdX -o ~/RECUPERADOS
being X : the partition number you want to scan and where we assume that the deleted file. The process takes, can reach an hour or more ,Depending on the size of the partition, but if we are lucky in the directory we created RECOVERED we can see how the files are sought.

Eye have to be realistic with these tools: File Recovery time depends on the execute. If you have deleted a file and within minutes we realize that we have a good chance to recover so. But if we want to recover a file of months ago, we have much more complicated.

The explanation is simple: during all that time we will have used the hard disk so intense, writing and deleting other data and therefore, modifying the disk sectors, Which were marked as available when you delete the files and therefore may have been busy with other information.

So keep that in mind: if you try to recover deleted files, better be sooner.
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