Sunday, January 9, 2011

Android 2.2, is it a solution to fragmentation?

The existence of different versions of Android is one of the major criticisms of certain sectors, who see this as an obstacle to access a more powerful and efficient platform, but it seems that the fragmentation problem is solved.

In the latest survey by the portal developer can check of Android is apparent that Android 2.2 is already present in more than half terminals that access the Android Market applications, and Android 2.1 is also very popular.

In the last two weeks of activity assessed by the study Android Developers portal is shown as Android 2.2 is present in 51.8% of the terminals entering the market of applications for this platform, while Android 2.1 has a market share of 35.2%.

That means that the presence of terminals with outdated versions of Android is declining (4.7% for Android 1.5, and 7.9% for Android 1.6), what causes the problem of fragmentation of Android being reduced gradually.

In fact, all versions except  Android 2.2 are losing market share, Which shows that the majority of terminals available today offer this version of Android, or who have appeared for Android 2.2 updates by handset manufacturers so far had a previous version of the mobile operating system from Google.
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