Friday, November 12, 2010

Ubuntu says goodbye to Terminal Server Client. Welcome Remmina!

We discussed last week that We discussed last week that Ubuntu would set aside Rhythmbox to switch to Banshee for its next version, now inform you that there will be all. The client for the remote connection protocol RDP Terminal Server Client will place in the next Ubuntu, 11.04, to make way for Remmina.

Frankly, I could not resist to try it. Here, how to install.
install Remmina in Ubuntu:

  • ahornero@6581-D:~$ remmina
  • The program ‘remmina’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
  • sudo apt-get install remmina
  • ahornero@6581-D:~$ sudo apt-get install remmina
  • [sudo] password for ahornero:
  • Done
I think more could be simpler. To launch: Gnome Menu -> Internet -> Remmina Remote Desktop Client.

I was surprised that besides protocol support RDP, have SSH, SFTP and VNC (both client and server). It is quite possible that this is the reason why Canonical has opted for this software, an All in One very competent and, of course, GTK
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Hey did you tried that ?
and why remmina is better ?

Just downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 daily build, 8 days away from the final stable release and remmina is not included. Am I missing something?

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