Saturday, October 16, 2010

The videos uploaded to YouTube can be viewed WebM in WebM

From now on, the videos are uploaded to YouTube in the new format WebM, can be displayed on WebM.

This was one of the points that were missing on Youtube in its slow but steady Expension WebM the availability of its beta of HTML5.

So far the user who uploaded the videos could not see if your videos would be available in a free format.

Only those who had a resolution of 720p or higher were seen really WebM formats.

From now on any video uploaded in that format, regardless of resolution or popularity may be seen in WebM.

This would open a door for other videos uploaded in free formats such as Ogg/Theora format can also be seen in WebM.

If you upload a video in this format, make sure the entries are disabled, to make sure advertising can be viewed without Flash or H264.
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