Opera Mobile for Android ready in a month

Since Opera's blog, today announced the upcoming arrival of Opera Mobile for Android devices.

Will be available for all versions of Android in a month and brings two new features that will without a doubt the next generation of mobile navigation.

These two new frills Opera Mobile brings Android are hardware acceleration and called Pinch to zoom.

The hardware acceleration is going to get much faster navigation and a great improvement in the user interface.

All this will be getting the most out of your power. It also allows for a smoother interaction with the phone, improving your experience with the browser.

With Pitch to Zoom, have the option to take greater advantage of the ability to zoom in Opera has two levels, one to expand to full screen and another to bring to reading.

Now you can choose the zoom level you need, as is done with desktop Opera, achieving fluency focus when the page and the text to read.

You can install it from the Android maket http://m.opera.com/ or from the website within just a month.


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